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Calculating Sq Metres


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good question, Loirette, I'd love to know as well because when I look at house adverts I have no idea whether they are tiddly little houses or big ones.

Also, to clarify, if a place is advertised as, e.g. 4 pieces ... is a piece a room that is NOT a bathroom nor kitchen nor hall. That is, a room that can be occupied for repose.

And what does Apartment T3, T4, etc. mean?

Sorry to hijack Loirette's thread but these questions have been bugging me !
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As I understand it for selling purposes, it's the whole floor area of a house. All floor area is included. The measure of other floors is added on top. So, for example, a 80m2 house is likely to be a smallish 2 bedroom.

My house is a 3 bedroom with 1 lounge, 1 kitchen and listed as a 5 room. The square meterage helps in description though because the lounge is 50M2 so you get a better sense of the overall space rather than just numbers of rooms. I find the square meterage a good guide because it gives you more of an idea of what you're getting for your money than the UK standard description '3 bedroom, 2 reception rooms' and it means you can compare across properties.


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