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1200 x 800 shower tray.


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I hope someone can help.

My plumber has now chosen to tell me that after a month of knowing what I wanted he has not found/ordered a 1200 x 800 shower tray.

What specifically I am looking for is one where the drain is at the narrow end in the middle and that the tray is preferably ceramic.

These are readily available in the UK, however I wondered if anyone has installed one themselves and knows of a good supplier.

Many thanks.
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Cedeo, with whom most plumbers, in our area at least,  seem to have an account......


 ...have lots of 80*120 trays . Is it your specific requirement for the position of the outlet that is causing the problem?

Mind you Cedeo are perhaps a little pricey 400-600 Euros.

So perhaps Leroy Merlin at 100- 200 Euros might be more acceptable.





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