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Plumbing pipe sizes


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We are up to the plumbing stage of our renovation and would appreciate some basic information on pipe sizes:

Our incoming supply is in lead and looks to be about 15mm, we will run from here to the new Chauffe - Eau, should this be in 15mm or bigger? From there the hot and cold pipes will be routed through one bathroom with hand basin, wc, shower and bath, then branch off to another bathroom, ditto outlets and to the kitchen which will have the sink, dishwasher and washing machine.

What size pipe should be used through the 1st bathroom bearing in mind this will be supplying the whole house, should we continue in the same size to the other bathroom and the kitchen or is it possible to reduce in size. Also from this "supply" what size pipe to tee off  to the individual :

 wc, hand basin, bath, shower, kitchen sink, dishwasher and washing machine?  

All input greatly appreciated.

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