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Plastisol coated roof sheets 'euroclad' or similar


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i have been looking at using this type of product instead of tiles and although my online searches found info / suppliers they were actual roofers - charpentes.

there is a similair sheet available at Point P and the like , made of cement fibre which provides the water proofing and you stick the pantiles on top basically for decoration.

would be very intersted to know how you get on with it.

as i have numerous roofs which are reaching the end of serviceable life and i cant really afford to get a charpente in to replace them.

nb french for sheet is Plaques - in this context anyway.

the other fixings have specific names rather than a generic translation like a bolt is Boulon.

if you search online til you find the product specs / info - fiche technique page

right click on your pc and you should be offered a translate with BING (microsoft search engine) and the page will become english before your eyes and the results are pretty good - then print it out for reference.
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Bac Acier

is metal sheet roofing used on agricultural buildings not houses , its cheaper and lighter etc.

can be supplied painted red like terracotta .

what are you actually renovating ? as this may help others to point you in the right direction ie metal sheet roofing is no use on a house or dwelling.
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