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re-enamelling a bath


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We want to re-life a bath rather than replace it. In the UK there are people who will come out and re-enamel your bath in situ. Does anybody know of a) the word for such suppliers and b) anybody like that in the Pyrenees Orientales (we are near Prades).

Thank you

p.s. We once did a diy effort using stuff from a tub. So question c) is where might I find this local to me in 66 and what I should ask for.
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Looking at the website, one of the "blokes" is called Sean Wright!

Seem to remember investigating this once, ages ago. Wrote and received emails in French until we both realised that we were both English.

In the end we had a new bathroom fitted so we didnt use the product so can't recommend or otherwise. Sorry.

Just remembered - you could either pay for someone to come and do the job for you (about 300euros as far as I recall) or they sent you the stuff to do yourself (much cheaper obviously)
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