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How much will i lose????


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This looks a nice house,looks like youve got some land to maintain though.I know what you mean about getting fed up with renovation.Its a national passtime in England to do property's up to make money on them.I am no exception to this and have succesfully done up 6 houses in the uk.The last being an old rundown victorian house which made my husband cry on seeing what we had taken on ,but we worked hard and it ended up looking lovely and very saleable and profitable I may add.We have now opted to rent and at first  it was a lovely break and anything that needed doing the landlord was informed and wejust  sat back and waited.Although Its a nice break, being well rested we yearn for a project again,hence buying the french house.I will have to let you know later if it was a mistake or not but at the minute we are raring to go after being mentally and physically rested.

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