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Tricel Bio media sewage treatment plant.


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Like you we’re looking to put in a new fosse and have found it difficult to get solid user feedback about specific systems, however trawling the net and talking to several manufacturers has given me a lot of general information.

It appears that no matter what type of system you go for, (conventional or bio,) 6 monthly servicing and emptying the sludge tank at least once every 3/4 years is essential to prevent ‘carry over’ and keep it working efficiently.

A conventional systems needs constant use for between 6 weeks and 3 months after installation before it gets enough ‘bugs’ to work properly and in the case of a lightly used Maison Secondaire its distinctly possible this could never happen! Most Bio systems apparently come ‘pre charged’ however so are 100% efficient from day one and even after a 6 months shutdown will be back to near full efficiency within a few hours.

Depending on manufacturer the size of sludge and filter tanks for a 5/6 person bio system vary between 3000ltrs and 5000ltrs each.

Most manufacturers guarantee the media in a bio filter tank for 10 years if the prescribed duty is not exceeded. If used by less people then, depending on what it’s made of, it could go on working indefinitely. The cost of replacing the media obviously varies between manufacturers but for a 5/6 person system seams to average about 2000€ including disposal etc. 


Hope this may be helpful to someone.   

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