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Franco Belge Oil fired boiler


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Hi I wonder if  anyone may be able to assist me, I have a Franco Belge oil

fired boiler which seems  to be  consuming vast amounts of fuel. The

boiler  is used for 6 hours a day (2in the morning and 4 in the evening)

and has consumed 600 Litres of  oil in 4 weeks.

I think there may be a setting within the boiler which requires adjustment/resetting

This is based on the fact last year the radiators  didn't get hot  so a helpful neighbour took the top of the boiler and underneath there are two mini thermostats one marked with a tap and the other with a picture of  the burner and a cross through it


 My neighbour adjusted these and the problem improved slightly, however the real problem was the pump which had died and has been replaced. But now the oil consumption is  incredible! can any one tell me what these mini thermostats should be set at??

Or recommend anyone near Guemene sur Scorff  Dept 56 who may be able to assist?


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