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DIY Septic tank installation?


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Hi all,

We are interested in building a toilet/shower block on our land away from the house and it's amenities. I can trench water and electricity to the site but the thing that worries me is whether or not we'd be allowed to install a septic tank.

I more or less understand the procedure of having a tank fitted for your house (soil tests ect) and I know that if you need one you can't be denied permission but I guess that right probably goes out the window if it isn't for your dwelling. Has anyone got experience in this?

I'm also interested in whether or not there is anything stopping me installing a tank myself or do I need to use a qualified fitter (I'm aware that the whole lot is inspected and signed off after installation)?

Any insights into this are welcome! (Especially if anyone has any resources on the correct construction of a filter bed... though I may try and dodge that difficulty and invest in a micro station)
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