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Groupe de securitie


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If it continues to flow after you have turned the power /

heat to the cylinder off then it is probably the valve that is at fault. Turn

the water off and fit a new one or turn the water off and try to clean /descale

the valve  an old tooth brush and vinegar

may work.

If it stops flowing when you turn the power/heat off you probably

have a fault thermostat on the cylinder fairly easy to replace or a problem

with the controller for the heating harder to deal with.  

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Make sure that the purge knob has not been actioned, dependant on the type if its turned 90° it latches open a little twist in the other direction and it will spring closed, worth doing a purge anyway as it may dislodge the calcaire holding the valve off its seat.

If that doesnt work then vinegar probably will, I remove the valves hold them upright either in a vice or narrow jar, what have you, then fill with vinegar, you may have to top up a few times but usually it will then seal, leave the remaining vinegar overnight if you can to dissolve the remaining calc.

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Anton and Chancer, thanks for the information, however I have to admit I chickened out and called in a plumber who, surprisingly turned up that day, and he changed the Groupe de Securitie.

But ........I did watch what he did ready for next time and it did seem to me that all it required was a good clean to get rid of the calcaire!!!!!

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