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looking to buy skirting boards: 200mm x 21mm x 3m


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I need to buy 250 metres of pine skirting board in the Jura region. I would like them to be of the dimensions above (i.e. 85 lengths). They should have an ogee pattern on one side. Does anyone know what the best place to go in Jura or more generally in France in order to get this? I am guessing that a timber yard would be my best bet. What is the French for this? Generally speaking would they cut this kind of bespoke product?

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What you are looking for is Plinthe Sapin

I have seen Brico Depot sell it with the Ogee profile but they are 120mm x 13mm - what you are looking for is something i've not seen sold. I did ask once for something similar and got the response "who do you think you are! Versailles?"

The timber yard would cut you the lengths (make sure you find one with drying ovens), but I would be surprised if they could do the Ogee profile. However...all is not lost.. sometimes they have friendly chippies just a phone call away who would be able to route the profile for you.


Edit: Lapeyre do a plinthe sapin massif, but only 110mm x 15mm

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