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Trying to find a house

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Given the membership of this forum and their contacts, I thought someone out there might know someone who knows someone who can help me find the house I am looking for as I have hunted and hunted and seen everything from crup to expensive and useless.

Between Hesdin and Montreuil, three bedroomsish with at least one on the ground floor. Newish or properly modernized but not by amateurs. Probably about 100sq metres with a garden maximum 1000 sq metres, flat. Garage.

Not directly on a road as I have dogs. BNo rivers which flood or damp in the cellars, if any.

Full insulation and decent heating, double glazing, electricity and drains all 100% condition.

Kitchen and bathroom(s) in good condition and not supplied by B and Q!

No nasty buildings or plans round about, not on the heights of the area.

Probably a house with two bedrooms or so in the roof where I can live on the groudfloor.

No barrels, please, Norman, they are subject to rolling in a gale.

Any thoughts welcome.

Thank you people.
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Thank you, Norman.

I had seen those two houses on Leboncoin but rejected them for different reasons; one of them has a garden that is far too big for me (yes, I know I could leave it to go to seed, so to speak) and the other is well off my beaten track, so to speak.

As to the ladies, well, I wonder where you did spend your misspent youth, then.

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Yes, indeed, albf, nice property though probably a bit big and the gardens a bit more than Wools wants.

Wools, is that the sort of property you are looking for?

Now you'd have all of us looking out for properties for you..........[:D]

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I've always believed that that Montreuil is the one Victor Hugo set some of Les Miserables in. END QUOTE

It is indeed, JandM. The town puts on a wonderful son et lumiere each summer on the LesMis theme.

It was also Haig's HQ during the planning of the Somme offensive from 1915.

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Thank you everybody for your ideas and help; thus far I have seen a good number of places but not yet one which ticks all the boxes. However, upward and onwards, I shall be back in the area in a couple of weeks, having primed a wider range of agents.

What is aurprising is that, in contrast to the Vendee where they no longer insist on it, the notaires in the Somme all seem to demand the 10% deposit in full before they will even look at a compromis. Given that the amount of the compromis is decided between buyer and seller, I wonder how they justify this. And how do people who do not have the 10% in hand deal with this?

Now back to packing.
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That's weird. There have been a couple of threads about this recently on here, and my purchase last year was made with only the Notaire's own fees being paid up front.

Chancer has things to say about that area...are you sure you want to settle there???[:-))]

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