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Some more photos for your perusal.


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For anyone who might be interested, some more samples of the kind of genius-level work from amateurs and experts alike that I come across.

Some professionals charged the client a high five figure sum for a kitchen installation a couple of years ago....

"Dave, could you have a look at these problems for me?"

Light switch is now behind the fridge....


Can I move it? well, I could, but the walls are all finished and painted, so thats going to be a nice mess.

No photo, but when the same rocket scientists fitted the kitchen units, fitted the stone counter tops, fitted the stone splashbacks, did the finishing etc. I walked in and asked where the electrical sockets were.

"err.....they are..... oh, sh*t"

Morons forgot ALL the sockets, so had to add them to the bottoms of the high-level cabinets. But since everything was finished, just wired them to the wiring that was provided for the lights rather than run new gaines.


Water has been pouring through these fuseboxes for so long, they have gone rusty.


Its coming in through a gaine that goes up to the roof - A blob of silicone will cure that for now.

Speaking of fuse boxes....

Oooh, thats a biggun. What? your three-phase breaker keeps tripping? well yeah, im sure a bit of sticky tape will solve that problem.


Surprised that hasnt burned by now.

Moving on.....

TV coax lead sprouting out of the stone wall with no gaine or socket or anything....


Interestingly, the wire plugged into the socket leads up to this beautifully installed lamp....


Thing is....it switches on and off with the wall switch by the door - yep the socket is wired to the lighting circuit.

Check this head-ache....


I get to re-enact scenes from "Das Boot" here every few months when something inevitably fails.

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Une prise commandée still allowed by NFC 14-100 although I doubt that Daves are conforming judging by all the other horrors.

Thing is in 30+ years of working in domestic, business and industrial environments in the UK I came across only a tiny proportion of the bodges that I have seen in 10 years in France, and as for the just bad workmanship, things not straight, level, in stupid places (but convenient for the installer) things that just look like a dogs dinner that even a first time DIY'er would be ashamed to admit to, well they are just everywhere around you and mostly comitted by the artisans.

Some of the worst that I have seen in YUK was a car park barrier where the mains supply was one pair of cores of the telephone cable used for the intercom [:-))], earthing was by a piece of stripped wire pushed into the ground.

I have seen a burglar alarm connection made in a loft where the guy didnt have a junction box, the wires were stripped, twisted together then stapled to the purlin with a gap of 1/4" between each one, I've also come across a few twisted wire mains connections, the septic tanks even have special twist together connectors [8-)]

The one that always bugs me is the new sports hall in my village (UK) when i do a yoga class there when laying on my back high above me on the very stylish vaulted ceiling is the pyro fire alarm cabling held up with normal Tower clips for all to see that give a four X

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Thanks Theiere.

Just tried that from Photobucket but although the picture shows in the preview, when I posted it, it only showed the text and no photo. So I deleted the post.

I tried Direct, HTML and IMG but non worked.

Any other suggestions please.

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Hmm, IMG works for me, if you left mouse click it says "copied" and then I just paste that into the message. (firefox browser)


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Thanks again.

Well, this is what I found above the plaster in my daughters room.

I was surprised as I thought all junction boxes had to be accessible. Apart from ripping the ceiling down, you would never know it was there.


I did this with Firefox as Chrome wouldn't work. How odd.

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