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Fence post driver?


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Once I have finished the delightful job of cutting out about 50 1/2 dead leylandie that had growntoo big for the soil they're in I had the job of erecting a fence along that side of the garden. Rather than using a 4 lb lump hammer I want to hire a fence post driver. The kind of thing that's a heavy steel tube, sealed at one end with a couple of handles on it.

Does anyone have any idea as to what it's called in French please??? [8-)]

If I remember correctly the 't' shaped post/stakes need to be at least a couple of feet in the soil. With 30 odd to put in I ain't going to concrete the dammed things in [:-))] There are better things to do in life me-thinks?

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You need to look out for the arrival of the tool wagon!




Pilon belier a piquet poteau

Is what you are looking for.

They seem to cost 40- 80 Euros. So as the going rate for rental seems to be 15 Euros per day you might as well buy one!
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That's exactly whot I lookin for BJS ta. But we don't get the rubbish post any more to find the wagon and visiting times?

I know I had me JCB this morning? Now where did I put it [:'(]

Oh damm, I suppose I'll have to put up with a pilon à poteau init [:-))] If SWMBO has borrowed the JCB and ain't put back in the correct draw I'll go something, if she lets me [:-))]

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Ta BSJ. What I think I will do is go into our local Point-P and see what they have now I know the name.

As a matter of interest, the last time I used one of these things was a while before we moved over. I lifted the dammed thing too high, smacked it down, caught the edge on the post and it tipped and smacked me on the head, bleedin hard!! SWMBO says I ain't not never bin the same since? I ain't noticed any difference though [8-)]

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