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  1. Hi, new member here. I know this question has likely been asked a million times before but everyone's situation is unique, so I'm hoping someone can help me with mine. I'm a British Ex-Pat, who has been living in the U.S. for the last 22 years. I'm looking to take early retirement and would like to relocate to France with my Wife and Daughter. I hold a UK passport and an American passport. My Wife and Daughter both have U.S. passports. The primary motivator for this (aside from the fact that I'm fed up with the U.S.) is that our Daughter will be graduating High School and I would like her to have the opportunity to experience living and studying in another country. We have a tuition fund in place for her, which will more than cover the cost of her studies. I'm looking for recommendations on regions to live that would be best for our circumstances. I'm looking for a house (maybe a villa) as opposed to an apartment and my situation looks like this: We will be selling our home in the U.S. and plan to buy a house in France. Our budget would be in the region of 450,000 Euros I need proximity (preferably via public transport) to a large city Proximity to an airport and train station that offers international connections Proximity to hospitals (I have a medical condition) I'd like to have a garden or some land (we have dogs) I'd like somewhere that has reliable power (no frequent outages) and good, fast internet Somewhere that I can make my retirement last. We would have an income of around 4,000 USD per month, so if I could find a place under my housing budget that would help even more. I realize this could be a big ask and I may not get everything on my list but even getting close might help me to narrow my focus a little. My sincere thanks in advance for any help or advice you may be able to offer Ideally, I'd like to be somewhere with a warmer climate, but I know certain regions can have microclimates where things are more temperate
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