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    I have a holiday home near Fresselines and even though we have trawled the local area have been unable to find a decent market. The best one we have found is at Dun Le Palestel on Thursdays but allthe other market we have found are tiny in comparison. Guret was a great dissapointment yet it is supposed to be our nearest big town. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Help! Does anyone know how to access motorway travel cards for the tolls? I have been told that you can buy a card which enables you to save roughly 20% on toll fees on the motorways. I have a holiday house in France and travel there about 6 times per year so could be a significant saving for me. I have trawled the net but although there are some sites the ones in English are not very helpful and my limited French does not allow me tounderstand the French ones. The house is in Fresselines in the Limousin so we use motorways for most of journeys. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks.
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