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  1. Just booked for next trip via Eurotunnel using the Tesco rewards (can't remember the last time we paid) so started to think about how much Tescos reimburse Eurotunnel. Have you ever looked around wondering how many people on the train or ferries have actually paid the advertised rates. With loyalty/shareholder schemes, newspaper offers, travel cost incorporated in holiday offers et al how much are full fare payers subsidising everone else? Or come to that do you pay the advertised fares?  
  2. [quote user="NickP"]We travelled down from Calais last Thursday, went through the tunnel as normal in Rouen followed the diversion signs to Evreaux and Elbeuf, then on to Chartes, heading for Vendome. No problems at all just a couple of minutes hold up because other cars in the wrong lane queueing to head for the Dieppe LeMans direction. It's very handy at times like this for us to have a choice of routes. The route we took is now dual carriage way most of the time and another bonus is no tolls unlike the LeMans motorway. I would think it was about twenty minutes extra on out journey so we were happy and €20 better off.[/quote] Never had any problems with Rouen or route described here - does tend to get interesting after Vendome though. One trip going back north towards Chartres in very heavy rain and thunderstorms found that French drivers just STOP including double parking at the lay-bys on this usually fast road which made life interesting to say the least! By avoiding the peages not only do you save euros but you have ample opportunities to stop, just off the main routes and savour some of the local fare! One of the most surprising spots was Bonneville which we always wrote off as industrial as this is how it appears from the main road, but very nice village centre!
  3. Begs the question really - why travel across Kent to travel to Boulogne? Yet another service running to Boulogne! The press release also states the ferry will take 'cars, passengers and luxury coaches' - so what about the not so luxury coaches transporting the thousands of school kids to the Battlefields? Euroferries announce commencement of 2013 cross channel service Euroferries have entered into an agreement with Austal, securing the newly built 102m trimaran, which will be operating the high-speed service. The Austal 102m state of the art design and sea keeping capabilities offer unprecedented levels of passenger comfort whilst travelling at speed across the channel. The vessel will arrive in January 2013, with the service becoming fully operational between Boulogne and Ramsgate during February 2013. The 2013 service will comprise of 4 daily crossings and will cater for passengers, cars and luxury coaches. The vessel is capable of achieving speeds in excess of 40 knots thus enabling Euroferries to provide one of the fastest cross channel crossings available      
  4. Where would you reccommend to visit the best gorges? We went to several in the Verdon region two years ago but feel this is too far this year from the Centre region where our house is (near Loches). Any reccomended overnight places would be welcome also
  5. [quote user="Gardener"]At 1€ each, I now have a couple in the car. The shelf life for the kit is 2014, in the unlikely event that either of us feel the need to test ourselves we can do so and still have spares. I think they are a great idea.[/quote]
  6. Do anyone know, or are you an artisan, who can carry out roofing work and carry out beam replacement, etc in the Loches area? We have been given the run around by two French artisans who quoted for the work and gave us starting dates which came and went!! We try to use local artisans but this has been very trying!
  7. I have received a Devis from a local artisan for some restoration work on my old house. They charge 5.5% TVA for renovation but there is a note at the end of the estimate that states (I think) that this concession is ending on 31st December 2011, probably to do with the austerity measures? This can make a huge difference to renovation costs if the TVA reverts to being charged at the prevailing rate!
  8. Just had an e-mail from FairFX that they transfer euros to any Beneficiary account in Eurozone FREE and at excellent rates. Takes 2-5 days (normal) don't know yet what CA charge to receive but they haven't charged before when I've paid for a bank transfer
  9. Why come back to the UK as early?! We are to the south of Loches and normally visit again at Christmas but we have done that two years running now so looking for a change this year! Next visit maybe spring 2010
  10. The Centre Region is a large region and encompasses some splendid areas but there is very little activity on this section of the Forum! Is anyone in the Loches area? We have a house in that area for a number of years and visit about three or four times a year - next visit mid August until mid September.
  11. I'm sure I read it in a motoring journal (maybe IAM) with reference to the cameras being turned around.  I didn't suggest that someone prone to epilectic problems would be driving, but could be a front seat passenger.  There are various warnings given out on TV etc if there will be flash photography so the same logic could follow with speed cameras.
  12. If like us you have the correct money ready at the A16 peage at Abbeville going towards Rouen, the toll for a car is now 7.10, up from 6.90.  It surprising how difficult it is to find 20cents in the half light! Does anyone know the toll towards Paris on this road, I believe its cheaper than going down the A1 from Calais.
  13. It is my understanding that operaive speed cameras in Europe should be facing the direction of travel now, i.e capturing the rear of the car.  I have noticed over the past year or so that many in France and parts of the UK have been turned around. The basis for this is that a flash in the face of a motorist could cause a reaction if some one in the car was epilectic or similar problem - same reason as warnings given of flash photography. The single camears can only take pics in one direction, not the opposite carriageway. At least in France the warning signs are large and generally mean that there is a camera within 1km or less - in the UK the signs are generally random!
  14. Has anyone come across FairFX euro exchange debit type card? It is possible to get the card free and £5 start up to boot although there should be an initial charge. The rates are usually .2 above cash rates.  You transfer from your bank account and load a debit type card with the required amount and that amount is available within a couple of hours at an advertised and agreed rate.  A new card takes a week or so to come through but after that its easy to load and use. The system is backed by Mastercard so is accepted where the symbol is displayed, and the charge for drawing cash from an ATM is only 1.50. No other charges.  I used the system for the first time in May and it works well, the only drawback I found was keeping a chek on the balance:you cannot get a balance at ATM only on line.  
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