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  1. One of the essential reasons was always ´ a foreign National returning to their own country ´ which gave British nationals the right to visit the UK and you had the right to return as a French resident. We travelled on this basis.
  2. It is just so frustrating when we WILL be law abiding and not stop overnight even though it is so illogical. We sometimes wonder why we bother being law abiding when we know most people will do what suits them and most likely get away with it. The lockdown which followed Easter comes to mind. People were allowed to travel over the weekend to where they were going to remain in lockdown but we know many people who travelled for social reasons and then returned home - some on the Monday because the gendarmes said they would take a lenient view of people doing this !!!!
  3. The point I was really making was which journey runs the risk of infecting more people should the person test positive after 48 hours ? The car journey and overnight stop with minimal interaction is not allowed but the journey on crowded public transport is ! The requirement to go straight to your place of isolation in one day is presumably with the aim of minimising the risk of transmission so this is totally illogical. Unfortunately I can’t risk being stuck miles from home in a hotel for 10 days.
  4. Recent clarification seems to indicate that whatever your journey you cannot stop overnight en route sooooo…. you enter France by car and your journey home is a long one but you cannot stop at a hotel with minimal or virtually no contact overnight but, if you come by train into Paris you could cross Paris by metro or bus and then catch another crowded train - no problem ! Have I missed something somewhere ?
  5. Can anyone clarify please - what are the rules for fully vaccinated French residents returning to France now who need to stay somewhere overnight on their way to their home where they will self isolate until testing negative ? Not everyone will be able to get home the same day.
  6. Coming back into CDG I handed over my passport and then indicated my Carte de Séjour. The officer checked my card but still went to stamp my passport until I remonstrated- when she said it was an automatic response to stamp it !
  7. Leaving Paris from CDG airport a few days ago my husband and I both handed over our Cartes de Séjour with our U.K. passports ( as we had been told to do by the French Border police at Dover ) and my passport was stamped and his wasn’t. The officer just put my Carte to one side and didn’t even look at it !!!!
  8. Maybe a silly question but is this for returning French residents as well ?
  9. We have just been to the UK for a week - we are French residents. We booked our day 2 lateral flow tests via the Boots website £21 each, delivered to our son’s flat. The day before we left France we filled out the Passenger Locator form online and then printed them out. At the French passport control we were told to always hand over our Cartes de Séjour with our passports or our passports would be stamped. Our Passenger Locator forms and our Pass Sanitaire forms were checked. Coming back to France, our passports, Cartes and Pass Sanitaires were checked but we were not asked for ( and have never been asked for ) the Attestation d’Honneur which I had totally forgotten about ! Hope this helps.
  10. Mint, regarding the 3916 form, I don’t know if you report online or on paper but, certainly on paper, it actually says you can do a 3916 form for each bank account or you can just submit a DIY piece of papier with all the details on it which is what we have always done. Years ago I did a list of all our accounts ( bank name and address, account number and account holder ) and each year we print it off, sign and date it and attach it to our return. So much simpler than the 3916 !
  11. I do a paper return and the boxes 8SH and 8SI are now on the form 2042 Revenus Complémentaire as is 8TK if that applies to you. It threw a lot of our friends who have not had that form before. Hope this helps.
  12. I knew someone would know and would answer ! Thank you so much for your help
  13. The figures ARE in the line above i.e. plafond de Déduction but it then says you can correct this figure using the boxes below if it’s not correct - how do you know whether it’s correct or not ??? Other friends have the same amount on their form.
  14. Apologies if I’m being dense here but for the first time we have a pre-filled amount suggested for boxes 6PS and 6PT with the option to correct this figure and / or accept it for both of us by ticking 6QR. Where does this figure ( 15810 ) come from please ?

    You are always so helpful on this part of the forum so thank you in advance !
  15. LOVE porridge - made with one cup of oats and two cups of water and a big spoonful of honey - great breakfast and yes, by golly it keeps you ‘regular’ ! One of the essential shopping items on trips back to the UK - extra large bags of supermarket basic range oats !

    Other benefits - a wonderfully weeded and pruned garden ready for the spring and summer both last year and this year.

    We also cleared out cupboards throughout the house and used all the tinned and packet food which was still ( relatively ) in date !

    Downside - no visitors to stay so minimal housework done ! Will have to have a major spring clean soon before we disappear under a layer of dust and cobwebs ......
  16. The doctorlib site has appointments available from mid April when we (aged 65 but without comorbidities ) are eligible to be vaccinated but at the moment I can’t make an appointment because it only lets you proceed if you have co-morbidities - or am I doing something wrong ?

    We are on waiting lists with several local pharmacies but each time I check ‘ no, we have no vaccines and none coming next week ‘. When I originally asked our surgery if they were doing vaccinations I was told ‘no’ but apparently now they are. Presumably I was supposed to keep calling, blocking the line and irritating the admin person in case the situation changed ? And the idea that now it is a priority to get all older people vaccinated and they will be given a special number to call ........!

    Why aren’t local salle de fêtes being used , why don’t they ask for admin volunteers ? Why, why, why for so many aspects. Presumably they will wait for the promised large quantities of vaccines to arrive and then start thinking about how to distribute and administer them ?

    A few more days or weeks delay don’t matter do they ?!!!

    And the confinement - Macron, the Connexion and the BBC said it was starting from Saturday evening but the French govt website said saturday morning unless I read it incorrectly !!! Inter regional travel is permitted over Saturday and Sunday but the local papers say gendarmes will be tolerant of travel on Monday !!!!!!

    P.S.I did try to leave gaps between points but they disappeared every time I looked at the preview so apologies for the long rant !

  17. Our doctor phoned me back and said that the only local centre normally only has the Pfizer vaccine but last week, exceptionally, the hospital had left over AZ vaccine after vaccinating healthcare staff and gave it to the centre. Our friends were just in the right surgery at the right time !

    I repeat, there is no AZ option on the centre booking site and the ‘fully booked’ message has not changed in the last 2-3 weeks - just ‘try again later ‘ however you try to book. We are in Auvergne Rhône Alpes.

    The doctor said the pharmacies were our best bet.

  18. Husband and I are both in the 65-74 age band with no health concerns. If I try to book an appointment at our local vaccine centre by phone I get a message saying no appointments, call back in May. If I go online it asks if I want a fist or second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and then says there are no available appointments.

    Yesterday I spoke to local English friends, same age group with no health concerns. They had seen their doctor, told him they wanted the AZ vaccine, he or his receptionist contacted the vaccine centre and within hours they received a text, followed by a phone call to go and get jabbed which they did ! Apparently no one wants the AZ vaccine so the available doses are not being used. As you can’t speak to the centre I asked at the reception desk of the practice which had organised their vaccinations and was told ‘ this doesn’t happen, it couldn’t have happened ‘. I rang our surgery and explained the situation am now waiting for a reply from our doctor as to how one can bypass the official booking system to access these unwanted vaccine doses !!!! The online booking process does not give the option to book the AZ vaccine.
  19. Dear Mint,

    Where did you find the list of doctors who are vaccinating please ? Thank you.
  20. I agree, I’d never risk something like that. I was just astonished that this can happen with all the fuss about only being able to travel if you meet certain conditions including that crucial negative Covid test.
  21. The British Embassy helps holders of British passports and as it’s only an email what’s to lose ?

    Yes it, is the people on the ground who have the ultimate say. English friends who are French residents came back from the U.K. via Eurotunnel two days ago with their attestations and their negative Covid test certificates and nobody, on either side, asked to see their documents !!!! They were asked if they had their travel papers but that was all.
  22. Just to clarify matters, I have been resident in France for over 10 years now. Also, last year the passport office was inundated with online and postal applications and there was no guarantee when you would get your new passport. This has now changed for the better and I understand that renewals online ( incredibly simple to do ) are now taking 2-3 weeks, and that is my experience. Fill in the online form, get your reference number and then send off your old passport - I sent it requiring a signature and it cost me about 8 euros. I got an acknowledgement a couple of days later, and then updates every few days which amazed me. I filled in the form towards the end of December, sent off my passport a week later and my new one is apparently on its way to me already.

    Why not just email the British Embassy in Paris and ask them to confirm the passport validity requirements ?
  23. My understanding is different - that if you are a French resident then there is no minimum period required - just that it’s in date. I’m resident in France and came back from the UK on December 27th with only 51 days still to run on my British passport. The border control pointed this out but I had checked this before we left.

    Since then I have applied online for a new passport which is now winging its way to me. I think I found the info on a French government website or via the British Embassy in Paris website.
  24. Thank you - looks like hot takeaway food is available .
  25. We are driving up to Calais over two days at the end of this week and wondered if the restaurants in the Aires will be open or not ?

    Does anyone know ?
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