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  1. Hello. I wonder if anyone can help me. Re new changes recently brought in. We have owned our little house for 10/11 years and it is a loved holiday home, unfortunately we now need to sell because of health reasons.. The CGT has increased to 19% and now there is a social tax for non-residents also of 15.5% =34.5%. Is this subtracted from the CG in one go or is the 19%CGT deducted first and the social tax afterwards? Also, does anyone know what tax allowances if any are currently available on the sale? Information very appreciated. Thank you,
  2. We have an old town house in Montmorillon area, la vienne, with a grotto for a garden, which would be lovely, but for the inherited 60 odd foot Spruce tree. Again lovely in itself, however, it is RIGHT NEXT to the house and its roots are lifting up all the stone paving and possibly causing untold damage elsewhere. It needs felling as soon as possible. Please, does anyone know of a professional tree surgeon who is capable of doing this work in a small walled garden. It will need to be cut in sections. An English person who appears to know what they are talking about thinks it will cost thousands of euros. This is very worrying as we just do not have this sort of money. Obviously it will be expensive and we need some devis. I would very appreciate any help, contact names or advice. Thanks.
  3. We own a piece of land within a town which has a house either side surrounded by gardens. We wish to persue planning permission for a small single storey house for mother to eventually live in. Does anyone know who may be the best professional to employ to reach the best outcome. The piece of land is on the border of a conservation area of a medieval town and may be considered sensitive. The other houses have been there, perhaps 20 years or so. Do specialist planning advisers exist in France? Any help or advice appreciated.
  4. Thank you for reply which is helpful. Please could you tell me what IIRC stands for? I am relieved it is a period of 30 years. I believe it is 12 years in England and thought perhaps it may be shorter in France. I am going out soon and will endeavour to find out who is using garden but suspect it is a near neighbour who is extremely resourceful as he has planted willow to make paniers and repair fences, peach trees, strawberries and every other veg known to man! As we are vegetarian I feel sure an 'arrangement' can be reached! Many thanks.
  5. We own a walled garden detached from our house, down the lane about 200yds away. The house is a maison secondaire, soon to be a permanent home. It has become evident during renovation that a "garden fairy" is using the garden to grow fruit and veg and has even opened up the ancient well and rigged up a Heath Robinson affair with a bucket to enable the said fruit and veg to be watered. This happened about two years ago after some months we were unable to get out.  However, we now wonder if in France a person can lay permanent claim to the garden after a period of time. Beside which, we really would like our garden back for ourselves. Any help appreciated.
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