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  1. What has happened to all the postings in the House Renovations forum? All postings prior to the beginning of this week have disappeared. Alan E.
  2. They do exist. There is a really interesting one in Pont Audemer - Normandy (27) which seems to have just about everything you could wish for but appointments are required for a visit. There is a more down to earth place on the N13 between Lisieux and Brionne which has old timbers, bricks, tiles etc. Best Regards Alan E.
  3. I think you will find the mix for renders on Mike Wye's web site. If you are/have buying the mix from him then I suggest you just give him a call and ask - he is very approachable. He does a lot of work with cobb so should be able to advise. I went on his one day course on lime based materials last year and found it very useful. Best Regards Alan E.
  4. Alan E


    LAST EDITED ON 24-Apr-03 AT 01:03 PM (GMT) We were in a similar situation but when we went to see the EDF and asked them to send someone out to give us an estimate for connection charges they arranged an appointment (although it was for some weeks later). Like you, we weren't known to them but there didn't seem to be any problem. Did you specifically ask for a quote for a new connection? They didn't seem very dynamic in the office we visited and so maybe don't put themselves out to get new custom. Best Regards Alan E.
  5. In general apply several thin coats and build up the finish. See the following link for detailed directions - http://www.mikewye.co.uk/mikelimewashing.htm MIke Wye is also a good source of materials if you are based in the UK and they run one day courses on the use of traditional lime based materials which I found very useful. Best Regards Alan E.
  6. After some discussion on this forum I decided to leave my account with only the equivalent of 30p in it for over a month. I went over last week to deposit some cash to give me a decent balance. The lady at the desk deposited my money and then started a long monologue, I thought "oh dear I'm being told off for the small balance". It took me a couple of seconds to realise that she was trying to sell me legal costs insurance! We made our excuses and left. I should find another bank. Best Regards Alan E.
  7. Do you have a binding contract with the exchange dealers? If not you could try twisting someones arm at Nat West and get them to transfer the funds direct at the same rate as was being offered by the exchange dealers (or compensate you for the difference). My experience of express transfers to France from Nat West is that they take 2 days so you should be OK if you can get someone who knows what they are doing to effect the transaction first thing Monday. It's just a thought but you would at least be cutting out one leg of the transaction. In the meantime I would phone the Notaire and explain what has happened. I hope this works out for you and I think that you should chase Nat West for any losses and cost of time spent. They would soon charge you if the tables were turned. Best Regards Alan E.
  8. Yes - I have done this. I discussed it with the Notaire in advance and he agreed that this was a cost effective way to do it. I showed him documentation to show that I had transferred the necessary funds into the account. As I recall it was the confirmation from my bank that I had transferred funds to the foreign exchange dealers and the confirmation from them that they had transferred the French Francs (as it was at the time) to my Credit Agricole account. I wrote out the cheque at the signing ceremony with the vendor present who also thought this was OK. You say that the Estate Agent has told you this is OK - I would get confirmation from the Notaire as it is he/she who will be responsible for ensuring the transaction is in order. Best Regards Alan E.
  9. Is anyone aware of a minimum balance that must be kept in a Current Account in France, or had any problems arising from having a small balance? I have forgotten to keep the account topped up and the water bill, which I received this morning, is due to paid by prelevement on Friday. I have just enough in the account to cover it and leave a balance of 0.58 Euros, ie around 30p. At this time of year there is no other activity on the account so rather than send a payment I could just leave it until we go across in January/February but did wonder if I might find the account closed or whatever. My UK bank will charge me 20 to make an urgent transfer which is the only way I'll fix the account by Friday so I'd rather not bother if it isn't necessary. The account is with Credit Agricole in Calvados (not Britline). Best Regards Alan E.
  10. You might get more help if you restrict yourself to posting to one area only. What are you expecting to add to the existing body of knowledge with your book? I am sure that many of us could provide some feedback if you can give some guidance on the sort of feedback you are looking for. If you have been commisioned to come up with yet another "buying a place in France" book how are you going to differentiate it from the existing range of publications? Best Regards Alan E.
  11. We paid around 350 to connect water from the adjacent road - a distance of around 5 metres to a meter in manhole. We then had to run a pipe from the manhole into the house. It was all very easy - the mayor arranged it for us, it was connected in a couple of weeks. Hope this helps. Alan.
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