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  1. No, I didn't know that song, Idun. Thank you! I do miss the sea and walking along the beach
  2. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="Polly"]... I clicked on 'forgot my password' but never got an email from admin.[/quote] Polly, Your email address has to be valid for the password-reset message to arrive. Check your PMs. [/quote] My email address is valid, that's how I can log in but only by putting my password in CAPS BTW if I couldn't log in, your message to 'check my PMs' wouldn't be much good, would it?
  3. I can't edit spelling errors either, once I've posted
  4. Cat, yes I get the message 'The username and password you have entered do not match our records.' I know I haven't changed anything, so I switched browsers & still got the message. So I clicked on 'forgot my password' but never got an email from admin. Fiddling around, I switched to caps and hey presto! got access. Same thing when I went to sign in now. BTW, Firefox ususally crashes just after I log in if I'm using it, and this only happens with this site on a regular basis. Oh, and I can't get the end of this post out of italics!!!! Yet I can change the font.
  5. Last night and this morning I have found I can't sign in unless I type in my password in CAPITALS. Has anyone else had any 'funnies' on signing in?
  6. Remember, many old houses don't have bedrooms big enough for HUGE beds so it's not just a question of buying bigger beds, one might well have to move walls! How much more would you be prepared to pay for a kingsize?
  7. So many need new homes, and now we are about to enter the holiday season how many more will be abandoned? It breaks my heart, as I sit here with a young head on my knee and another, older, head on my feet. I would help you if I could, but if I did, I'd have to give up guide dog training, and we're short of people here too! Well done all of you who do what you can.
  8. So if you're billing the client and we come up with the info we'll bill you, OK?
  9. [quote user="dessiedog"]Not the answer I wanted but probably what I expected! Pity as the Pyrry Knees was where I had in mind. He'll just have to stay at home, lying on the bed of course. Thanks for the very prompt replies[/quote] I understand it's probably not what you want, you'd rather have him with you, but if you google you'll find that there are kennels which will keep your mutt whilst you go walkies. Try 'garderie chien pyrenees parc national' or the local tourist offices or Mairies eg En vallée de Cauterets, pension pour chiens "le Berger" Tél. 05 62 92 04 80 En vallée de Luz-Gavarnie, garderie pour chiens à Gèdre Tél. En vallée d'Aure, box pour chiens à la Réserve Naturelle du Néouvielle à Orédon en été, renseignements Mairie d'Aragnouet Tél. 05 62 39 62 63
  10. [quote user="Pads"]Does that mean the people who live there cant have dogs ?  [/quote] No, it doesn't mean that. The ref given by Christine Animal is a summary for visitors. You can live within the parc boundary with pets, but they can't go out and about into the heart of the parc even on a lead. Each parc has detailed rules regarding working farm dogs and hunting dogs, and when (as in which season) and where they can go. Access for assistance dogs (guide dogs etc) is also limited, assistance dog owners are advised to contact the management of the parc concerned for detailed info. before they visit. In regional parcs and nature reserves you need to check out local signs before going walkies with your canine companions.
  11. Hi Next time you're in France why not just ask around locally about a vet from anyone you see walking a dog, or even ask at the Mairie or local café? I presume from your first post you've got no language problems which is a step ahead of some folk! You might well find that the local vets are really well clued up. That's what we did 20 years ago, pre-internet and pre hordes of Brits about. By word of mouth and some common-sense sifting of the replies we found vets, doc, dentist etc. I took our elderly dog's skin medecine along, and in my then not brilliant French explained about the stuff, which was new to them, and the vets were really interested.
  12. Here's a fairly reliable reference from Les Echos http://www.lesechos.fr/economie-politique/france/actu/0201346265182-residences-secondaires-des-etrangers-la-taxe-fixee-a-20-de-la-valeur-locative.htm The tax level being discussed seems to be approx the equivalent of the taxe fonciere. The article says that only second homes for personal use would be taxable, not those let out but there's no detail on what constitutes something rented...
  13. Idun's right, the property would still be subject to tax hab. You'd need to do something really drastic, like taking the roof off...!
  14. Yep, that'll be a sale of the property, so you'd have to start with your bundle of diagnostic tests and then go through the usual sales channels paying the Notaire as you go. I suggest you'd need to take some tax advice on the way (more expense!) to make sure you don't get caught out somewhere down the line.
  15. I don't know the answers, but try the French National Assocation, ANFA at http://www.anfa.net/fr/tunnel.html I also found a forum at : http://fauconnerie.forumactif.com/ The Breton club has a page on the laws at http://www.bretagne-fauconnerie.fr/fr/index.php?rub=5 A tip : use google.fr not google.com, and search for fauconnerie
  16. Hi Osie I hope you didn't mind me raising the issue, with your reply anyone reading the thread will benefit from your tech questions and now the DDASS angle too Here's to a good season, with lots of happy guests!
  17. Osie, is this the pool your guests use that you are talking about here? If it is, and you are worried about or don't understand the chem balance you should perhaps be seeking professional advice on-site, and maybe contact the DDASS in Cahors for confirmation that all is OK for your guests. You don't want anybody to fall ill....
  18. Rose, do get the fencing issue sorted, even if it's just a small part of the garden so she can be outside without your worrying while you hang the washing or whatever.
  19. It depends, have you the patience to train a puppy, or to welcome, say, a rescue dog whose history may make them nervous in certain situations? If you adopt a senior dog, who'll probably give you so much love it'll make you cry, you are only going to have a shortish time with him/her. Be aware that labs are a 'big dog' breed, and they need very firm handling. Look anywhere in France or GB, and you'll find 8 month to a year old labs given away or abandoned, when the owners realise that sweetie Andrex puppy turns into an adolescent hooligan, whom they gave no time to and no exercised not at all and it's climbing the walls in frustration. The 11th lab puppy I have trained for guide dogs for the blind in France is at my feet as I type. 6 months old, so cute, so calm.... just now. You should see the deep holes she's dug in the garden! I had her in training mode at a big 'brocante' on Easter Monday and she was brilliant despite the crowds, other dogs, food stalls etc. Those hours of patient, determined work paid off. And she comes back when called, off the lead. In the next month or two she'll become impossible, they all do as teenagers. With any luck we'll pull through, together. Having read my piece, if you're still interested in a lab how about a guide dog puppy who hasn't quite been able to make the grade, at 8 months to a year old? They are in need of loving homes, come from good stock and will love you forever as all labs do pm me with your phone N°, for more info or just to have some 'lab chat'
  20. None whatsover! Do not however forget that a toddler can drown in a few inches of water. This site has useful info on ponds and their dangers http://www.rospa.com/leisuresafety/adviceandinformation/watersafety/pond-garden-watersafety.aspx
  21. Then I would take the 'système D' approach, the practical one! Tootle along with what they've done, letting the studios as holiday lets and declaring their income under whatever tax régime they choose. If, down the line, any issues are raised they can be dealt with as & when. I doubt there will be any.
  22. Val, the reason I asked about your friends business planning is that they need to be sure where they are going in terms of public access (with appropriate public liability insurance) and private/business spaces, let alone how they register income from the project. They might have said 'X' to their architect and to the DDE whereas they should perhaps have said 'X but....' Are the studio units solely residential units, which could be classified as holiday lets, or commercial/artistic working spaces with/without living accommodation? There are so many questions to ask and be answered before anyone can give sound advice.
  23. Try http://www.loi-handicap.fr There are some simple explanations on access at http://www.cabinetsavocats.com/droit-civique/handicapes.php From the sound of all the works and the change of use your friends have, in effect, created a new building in the eyes of the law. Certainly all the buildings works will have been treated as 'new build' attracting full TVA at 19,6%. Presumably your friends took advice on their business plan before starting work?
  24. Sorry to have been the bringer of sad tidings! The trouble is the gouv moves the goalposts so often it's hard to keep up. They do all the 'cheap' stuff like insisting on DPEs which cost them virtually nothing, and then behind everybody's back lower the financial incentives to undertake home improvements.
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