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  1. Thank you both. My wife is much calmer already, but me, I'll stick to the vin rouge!
  2. Does anyone know whether it is possible to buy these in France?
  3. Fair comment. I didn't include too much detail, but I see two advantages to doing it this way. The £ -> € exchange rate offered by the Portuguese bank on the eventual conversion will be preferential and, of course, mortgage schemes and the associated interest rates on the Continent are far more equitable than those available in the UK at the moment.

    As a fairly recently retired IFA and finance broker of many years standing and a successful property investor, I have a certain amount of experience in these areas. This is a really good scheme, but one, probably, for the more experienced investor. Pity it does not appear to be available in France!
  4. Thank you very much for the lesson in risk assessment.

    Of course, the scheme has to be attractive to the banks, otherwise they wouldn't offer it in the first place.

    Nevertheless, thie will also work very well for the customer in certain circumstances.

    As with any investment, the arrangement must be approached with the correct amount of capital, for the correct reason and for the appropriate timescale (be that short, medium, long term or open-ended).

    My question simply was whether anyone was aware of such a scheme in France. Given the few replies received, I must presume that there is none.
  5. In an effort to help both resident and non-resident British purchasers during the present exchange rate troubles, a number of Portuguese banks are offering sterling bank accounts.

    The principle is that sterling is transferred directly from the UK and held on deposit in conjunction with a Euro mortgage. The deposit account can be converted to Euros and the mortgage redeemed whenever exchange rates move in sterling's favour,

    Does anyone know of anything similar here in France?
  6. I see! Yes, this is a UK Sky mesh dish, fitted a few years ago, but the new LNB I brought out this time came with a selection of fittings.

    I am wondering whether it may be worth changing the dish to a larger one at the same time. The Humax reception is 95% strength, 100% quality, but the Sky Plus box is only around 60% strength, 70% quality.

    Good to know that I should be able to find everything locally.

    Thanks for the replies.
  7. I need two feeds for a Sky Plus box and two for a Humax Foxsat HD box. The LNB I brought from the UK is faulty....only three of the four ports are working. I have swapped the boxes and cables around and our local installer has confirmed it is the LNB that is the problem.
  8. Does anyone know whether it is possible to buy one of these in France?
  9. Will it be necessary therefore to maintain both UK accounts and French accounts for UK properties for calculation of rental profit and CGT?

    The UK situation is the same in that extension & enlargement generally will be set against CGT, rather than rental income, but so will own-purchased materials used in such projects. Am I wrong in believing that own-purchased materials are not deductable against CGT in France?
  10. Is the definition of "net rental income" from UK properties the same for tax purposes in France as in the UK? In the UK we decalre the net profit from our annual property rental trading accounts, after deducion of expenses and whatever else our accountant feels is justified.

    I ask the question, as I believe that the French authorities will not allow many of the deductions it is possible to take into account in the UK in calculating Capital Gains Tax. Here I am thinking perhaps of material costs incurred directly by a property owner rather than through an artisan. Are the deductions on UK rental income viewed the same way in calculating the paper figure for the French tax return, or will they accept the net profit declared under the UK accounts?

    A further issue might be, what the French will allow on UK sales subject to French CGT under the new treaty?
  11. My wife and I have arrived for an extended stay at out house near St Maixent L'Ecole and realised just how ropey our command of French is. We are desperately looking for someone within a triangle Niort-Poitiers-Lezay who gives language lessons.

    Help please....

  12. My wife and I have arrived for an extended stay at out house near St Maixent L'Ecole and realised just how ropey our command of French is. We are desperately looking for someone within a triangle Niort-Poitiers-Lezay who gives language lessons.

    Help please....
  13. Thanks for that. Yes, the laptops and PC all worked well on wi-fi in the UK, via a Belkin router. I agree that this is probably a problem with the configuration of the laptops and I will look again at the respective settings, although comparing the PC and laptop set-ups is a little like with apples & oranges. The PC uses a plug in Olitec adapter....perhaps, I'll try that on one of the laptops and see what happens!
  14. I thought we had the same problem with our new Orange Livebox, but once the phone was plugged into the Livebox, not a wall socket, all was well.

    However, still have a problem with wi-fi connection for our laptops, which is the subject of another post.
  15. We arrived in France for what we hope will be a 12 month stay at the beginning of July to find that Orange and/or FT had decided to disconnect our telephone and ADSL service. We have never got to the bottom of why, but rather than go completely loopy looking for a rational explanation, we decided to take a new and admittedly more relevant contract.

    Our new livebox is now connected up and my office PC works a treat on Wi-fi, but we have recurring problems with our 2 laptops, which keep losing connection, despite being located and authorised by the livebox. I have moved both the livebox and laptops around and even sited the laptop and levebox right next to each other. Even so, the laptops often choose to ignore the presence of the livebox.

    The laptops work perfectly if connected by cable to the livebox and sometimes will hold the Wi-fi signal better once they have been connected that way for a while.

    The problem seems to be at start up. Looking at the network connections tab, there appears to be an Orange dial up connection appearing as default. I have deleted this, and selected Winodws to configure the network, but the wretched dial up icon reappears when the machine is next booted up.

    I am not a techie by any means and don't know whether any of this is relevant, but if anyone has any ideas please, I would be most grateful to receive them.

    Many thanks.....Stephen
  16. Thanks, that was just the sort of site I was looking for.
  17. At the beginning of July, we are moving from the UK, firstly to the house we own in France for the next year or so and then on to Portugal (PT). 

    I'd like to buy a LHD car sooner rather than later, primarily because PT levies extortionate import duty on any car brought into the country, which has been owned for less than 12 months.  Residents in PT can bring in one car each, provided it has been owned for more than a year, exempt from this duty, which often equals the value of the car.  The cost of cars, new or used in PT is prohibitive.....my recent comparison of a particuilar new Hyundai Santa Fe model came out at £28,000 for the LHD UK import, 39,000€ in France and 55,000€ in PT!!

    Anyway, my dilemma is whether to buy a LHD import in the UK or to buy in France.  I'm not inclined to buy new anyway, but I was wondering whether there are any websites, like Autotrader, where I could get a feel for the level of prices for used cars in France.

    All other suggestions welcomed!

    Many thanks

  18. I seem to have opended up the proverbial can of worms here![:D]

    We are certainly not trying to avoid paying any tax that is legitmately due, whether in the UK or France.  What I am keen to avoid is getting wrapped up in red tape unnecessarily, as  we have no intention of remaining in France.  Our eventual detination will be Portugal, where we will building a house, once the Euros are freed up from France.  If you think the waters are muddied in France, try making sense of the Portuguese version of the tax rules!!

    My point about the UK CGT arises because I believe that the UK tax authorities would challenge any "self-declared" French Tax residence status, given that we have a permanent home here.  If we were to give up our permanent UK home, then that would end the interest of the UK Revenue so far as the CGT on the French property was concerned.  However, that might well open up the door for our main source of income (from UK property rentals) being taxed up front at 20% (far more than we need to pay). 

    There is also a separate issue on CGT payable on UK property sales (of which we have a number planned).  By being French tax resident, I believe that we will lose an annual CGT allowance, which, for the two of us, will be best part of £20,000 each year, or £3,600 of tax that doesn't need to be paid.  The loophole on French CGT for ex-pats on UK gains is being closed this year, so the entire profit will be there to be taxed by the French Revenue in the future.

    My discussions with the UK Revenue are ongoing, but they like to fall back on "we won't give advice, it's up to the tax payer to determine his or her position and ensure the correct amount of tax has been paid" - bless them!


  19. Thank you both very much.  As an (albeit recently retired) IFA of 20 years standing, I do appreciate the importance of taking appropriate financial advice and will be doing so.  Nevertheless, the practical experience of those "already in the system" is also very important, hence the question.


  20. Thanks for that, bigears. It might be an option, if, as you say, the figures work out.  However, with a permanent home in the UK at the moment as well and a clearly defined centre of vital interests, I am not sure that the UK Revenue would wear that.  We could still get clobbered for CGT in UK, whilst paying additional French social taxes.  It's this potential tug-of-war that I am striving to avoid!
  21. I've been trawling through a few of the historic threads, looking for infomation on UK v French tax residency.  Your recent posts on the subject have been most helpful, as is the article you have linked in.

    For our part, my wife and I will almost certainly be regarded as UK resident for tax purposes, as under the tie breaker rules, we would qualify on the centre of vital interests definition.  That's not my question here, but I was wondering what we would need to consider over the next couple of months?

    We have a residence secondaire in Deux Sevres that we have owned since 2001, but hardly used since we moved to Scotland four years ago.  We have decided to sell the French property this year, but intend to spend some time there from 1 July onwards, to carry out some improvements and to stay on until we have secured a sale.......goodness only knows how long that might take in the present climate, but we are experienced in property related matters and not worried if time goes by.

    Although we have no intention to continue to live in France once our property has been sold, we may find ourselves staying in France this time for more than 6 months.  I do not believe that our tax residence status would be affected by that stay. 

    We also have no intention to subscribe to the French social security/health services  (we will rely on E111 and private cover), but I do wonder what other issues might arise?  I am thinking particularly about the registration of our UK car and whether the French Revenue would be able to make a case for payment of Social Taxes?

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