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  1. Having fibre installed at our new place, we thought we would add the Orange TV box to give us French channels. What an absolute nightmare! We are getting daily emails claiming that we have added subscription channels that we clearly have not. I have complained three times now, as the box has not been in use at the times the ghost subscriptions were made. I can envisage the gallic shrug at the other end of the telephone, have received the dismissive "well someone must be using your box" and the worst of all "I will reverse it, but you will be charged to the end of the month!" Anybody else run across this?
  2. [quote user="CeeJay"]If I may go slightly off topic, I have sold my UK apartment and awaiting a final date to exchange. I bought the property in 2011 so I am presuming that the relevant CGT will only apply from 2015 when the criteria was changed. How can I research what the property value was in 2015?[/quote] Being non-resident, you can rebase the valuation at 05/04/2015. An RICS qualified valuer/surveyor can provide a formal valuation, or you can look at www.ourproperty.co.uk and hopefully find a similar sale in the locality around that date. I think HMRC will accept that. Our properties are in Scotland, so a formal valuation has to be done before the property comes to market, so we just ask the valuing firm to provide a 2015 figure as well.
  3. Thanks. I am aware of the 30 day rule in the UK, but there is unlikely to be a liability there as we can rebase the Sterling values at 2015 and there won't have been much of a gain since then. It will be a pity if losses can't be used to offset gains ..... jolly unfair in fact!
  4. I know this is an old chestnut, but I can't see any recent definitive information. Our situation is that we are considering selling two UK residential rental properties which we have owned for 17 and 14 years respectively. Because of the Sterling / Euro exchange rate when we bought, one will show a Euro profit, whilst the other will show a Euro loss. What I am unclear on is whether (as French tax resident) taper relief applies on disposal of UK property and, also, if so, how is that applied to the property showing the Euro loss? I am not sure where to find the information.
  5. I've put the situation here down to the French habit of shaking hands and kissing anybody who stands still at every opportunity. Seems a pretty obvious way for the virus to have spread more quickly, particularly early on.
  6. Out of curiosity, I have gone through the process on the link provided and entered complete rubbish. The site purports to validate the info entered between pages, but let me go forward even though what I entered didn't make sense. Eventually, it offers two options on how the carte vitale will be delivered. I selected La Poste at 0,79€ which took me straight to the page which asked for my credit card details. I suppose it's possible that someone would be trusting enough to complete this process, but I am 99% certain that the objective is to collect card details.
  7. Thanks to both replies. There is nothing on my Ameli account to indicate that any action is needed, but I will send them a message anyway. Unfortunately, both of our cards get a fairly regular work out, so I am wondering whether that automatically indicates that they are in use? I will post the gist of any response from Ameli.
  8. I have received an email from "Service-Public.fr I France " informing me that my carte vitale has to be renewed annually. It contains this link http://clientservicesvitale.live/ I cannot remember having to renew before, (but that doesn't necessarily mean much) I was just wondering whether this was genuine or a scam / phishing thing?
  9. We are pushing the bank, but the medical condition is rare. It is not the affordability in the event of not being able to work that is the issue, but the fact is that the bank is insisting on a life assurance policy to repay the mortgage in the event of death. Although still a recommendation, most UK lenders abandoned that absolute requirement 20 years ago.
  10. Thank you for the broker details. We have made a little progress already, but this isn't straightforward and all suggestions welcomed.
  11. We don't want to lose this property, as it has been adapted already for someone with a similar disability.
  12. We have been waiting 2 weeks for the same bank to find an insurer. It won't be a standard risk and I think they are struggling. In the meantime the clock is ticking on the compromis de vente
  13. Has anyone taken out a straightforward term policy in the recent past. We need to find an insurer to cover a mortgage for house purchase being taken out by my son. The medical history is not straightforward and if in the UK, then I would just get in touch with a good IFA firm and ask them to find the most appropriate company. I have tried Blevin Franks here but they are more interested in investments and pension planning and not one-off transactions.
  14. We completed paper forms which did have the K suffix. Our situation was far too complicated for an online submission, which maybe only has plain numbered forms..
  15. [quote user="maxap"]frexpt: You mentioned above that your uk rental income were above 15000. Which box did you use to declare the amount, please?[/quote] Form 2044 Boxes 211/215 for gross income. Boxes 221 - 263 for deductions and calculation. Carry numbers forward to boxes 400, 410 and 420 on back page. Box 420 total to be carried forward to box 4BL on Form 2042K endorsed "Royaume Uni". Finally, same figure to sections 4 and 6 of Form 2047K. Hope that helps.
  16. I can see that David was advised that he would be French tax resident some time ago, but this apparently is his first time declaring rental income. Whereas, he may be liable to French tax on pension income, as in the past, I don't think he has appreciated that UK rental income will be dealt with in the UK. The Non-Resident Landlords' Scheme is a bit of a red herring here and it really only helps determine whether tax is deducted at source or paid through self assessment ..... but, either way, always in the UK
  17. UK rental income is definitely taxable in the UK, not in France. The net figure in used in France with your other income, solely to determine which tax bracket you will pay any tax which is chargeable in France. We were advised to enter both gross rent and expenses to show how net was arrived at, but at the end of the day it is a six or two-threes, in that it is the net figure which is the one the French are interested in.
  18. That's interesting, as it would make an online declaration more feasible for us.
  19. Form 2044 and 2047K as well as your 2042K. You will need to show the gross 12 months rent with a breakdown of what you can claim against that on pages 2, 3 and 4 the 2047K. Those figures are carried forward to the other two forms. The first year we took advice and had the forms completed for us, but since then, I have followed the original template, from the copy I kept.
  20. Yes, worldwide income definitely dictates which band you fall in for any tax payable in France. Last year, we had to pay some tax at 30% in France, even though our income chargeable here is no more than 10000€.
  21. I don't know about the micro fonciere. I picked that up from what slowfox5 said above about UK rentals. Our rental income is too great to need to look more closely at that in any event. This Année Blanche is starting to make my head hurt. I can see why the information is being asked for, but cannot find a definitive guide on what numbers need entering and where?
  22. That agrees with what we have done so far, although our rental income is too great for Micro Foncier. Just scratching my head at the moment over the "Année Blanche" declarations.
  23. Thanks for the replies. I had a replacement done in France a few years back before we were resident, but that was paid for in its entirety by the NHS under the Article 56 provision. Much cheaper than the cost of the op in the UK and one less person on the NHS waiting list. A very convenient arrangement for everyone. I am now anticipating the other hip may need to be done somewhere down the line and looking for what might be the most cost effective option.
  24. Just wondering whether anybody knows (roughly) what percentage of the cost of a hip replacement operation in France is covered by the Carte Vitale?
  25. If there weren't such excessive taxes NI / pension contributions in the first place, perhaps there wouldn't be such a thriving black economy?
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