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  1. Thanks Will, As my partner is also setting up her business i have been advised to join them so we only pay one lot of taxes.Finding it complicated,so am on a search for an english speaking accountant who can tell us the best road to go down. Thanks again. Rob
  2. Hi, I am about to move out of my house so i can start my business from it.I live near the coast in Hossegor(north of Birriatz)the surf capital of Europe.For July and August the house will become a surf camp for the rest of the year cheap backpackers accomodation.Income from this should be about €30,000 a year.I have a mortgage on the property and overall running cost including mortgage is about 18,000. I need advice on how to go about this as the French accountants i have been put in touch with are not overly helpful. I know with the auto entrep. for a service max. income is €32,000 and tax is about 21% of income. With the micro indiv. i am a bit lost with setting up cost and claiming tax back. Any help would be grateful. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info,as i sell myself at markets the auto entrep. is the one for me.Tax is high but so are sales.
  4. I am currently setting up a small business (auto entrepreneur)it involves importing beach towels from China.I am finding it hard get a straight answer on taxes i will have to pay. From what i understand i pay a 12% import duty and 19.6TVA charge on the cost i have paid for them. Then when i sell them i pay my a 12% auto entrepreneur tax, is this right it seems alot of taxes to me. (i know this is France)
  5. yes you could say i,m behind the hedge in the Landes region dep. 40.
  6. Hi, I have a problem with my neighbours leylandii hedge and am trying to find out if there is a law in france that will make him cut them.I have been told a few conflicting things by french friends and the marie.There are ten trees in total they are all two meters away from the border and ten meters away from my house they are about  twelve meters high.I have spoken to him about it and he said he has no money to pay for them to be cut down the roots dug up and the hedge to be replaced.He does have money to pay a gardener and a window cleaner runs two cars and lives in a large house(on his fathers land).He also said to me he has no objection for me to cut them.The sun drops behind them very early in the day which causes a shdow over my whole house, in winter it traps in humidity between the house and hedge and is turning a decked area between them green. I don,t really know what to do about it i don,t have enough experience to cut them myself and have had a devis off a tree surgeon for one hundred and fifty euros per tree,i don,t want to pay that sort of money but i do want them gone before this summer.If anyone can help i'd be grateful.Thanks
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