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  1. Hi all, We left France last December 2011 and we've been trying to sell our apartment in the Pau area since May '11. Its a nice apartment T3, we spent a lot of money renovating. Unfortunately we had to return home for family reasons. We have 2 agencies selling our apartment, and we had an offer last april but they pulled out before the final signing. Since then nothing we are at our wits end. We got a lot more interest when we advertised privately last year and had some lower offers which in hindsight we should have accepted. The problem is now we have no one to show the apartment (Our friend went travelling) and were losing french our rapidly. Any sugestions or offers to help us? Si vous plait..
  2. Hi I own an apartment in France but unfortunately we are moving back to Ireland next month. Will I still have to pay tax d'habitation in France? What do I need to do before I leave? I heard I need to cut off the water and gas. Have a invoice from a removals company? How does it work if I do the removal myself? Any advice is apreciated
  3. Don't mind Idunce. I'm sure you can work under the AE scheme as long as your total income is below the €32500 limit.
  4. The Pau region refuses to pay Ryanair to bring passangers to Pau. http://www.connexionfrance.com/Ryanair-airport-Pau-London-Paris-Brussels-CityJet-Lourdes-Biarritz-Beziers-fees-blackmail-12557-view-article.html
  5. Thanks for the advice guys I would like to consider other models but I just love volkswagens, from the moment I first sat in a golf TDI I was hooked it felt like it was on rails. I've tried to consider other models but I renault and peugot and opel just put me right off driving, Volvos are boring and citreon is peugot, Fiat are crap and that leaves Dacia, Kia, Hyundai need I say more.
  6. Hi I want to buy a Golf SW bluemotion so does anyone know a good website I can search second hand cars. I have tried Argus, paru vendu are there anymore. Any opinions on my choice of car I love VW's bluemotion is more eco friendly. I'm looking for a 2008 model.
  7. Gyro

    Pet Passports

    [quote user="andyh4"] Gyro I think the question was FROM USA TO France and not From France to the British isles. It could well be that the rules are very different to what has been described above [/quote] Thanks for that stupid observation Andyh4 thats why I first said: "You have 2 choices Ask your Vet or check out the website for Goverment Department of Argiculture". I notice also you didn't offer any advice of your own!
  8. Case of wine or old bottle of congnac or armagnac. That was the type of gifts I received from my French work colleagues who came to our Vin d'honneur
  9. Gyro

    Pet Passports

    You have 2 choices Ask your Vet or check out the website for Goverment Department of Argiculture. I got one for my dog to go to Ireland. Its not a problem to get a passport but you need documentation to prove your dog has had a rabies vaccine (anti rage in french) also you need to have your dog pass a blood test for rabies. The tricky bit is you cannot travel until the blood test is more than 6 months old. Then if he has the vaccine yearly (must be within the year) you don't need another blood test. This rule only applies for Ireland or England you need to check out the rules for the USA. Our vet was very helpful.
  10. I've tried many but there all boring and hard work. Although when I came here first I used Audible earworm. Its a great starting point and only costs about £7. I've used it to learn a little Russian, Italian. You can listen to it without concentrating on it a bit like a backround track. After a while you'll find yourself saying words not because you were studying them but because you like the sound. I was able to ask for things in a market and began understanding after one weekend in russia. http://www.audible.co.uk/aduk/site/index.jsp?BV_UseBVCookie=Yes&source_code=OGCS0001SH122309UK
  11. Gyro

    Dogs' mess

    From an environmental point of view, which is worse? A) You pick up dog poo put it in a plastic bag and it goes to a landfill. B) You don't pick it up, the sun drys the poo and it becomes part of the earth. B) Is how nature intented it to be. No waste.
  12. Gyro

    Dogs' mess

    You haven't developed your dog sh*t radar yet then. For the first few months I kept walking in it, but some how I developed my Dog sh*t radar and haven't walked in one since. I have a dog in my appartment I rescued him from the local SPA and I think he's happier with me than the pound!! He gets excercised 4 time a day including 1 long session with my bike hail rain or shine he;s a great motivater and he knows exactly when its time to go. He's never done his business inside from the day we took him home lucky I guess. I'm a big fan of the dog whisperer on discovery and I've learnt a lot from the show I reccomend it for all you dog owners.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAg0lUYHHFc So Funny!!!
  14. Hi I have been here 3 years also and arrived from Ireland too. I came here for a job in big company. My wife came over also and she has had a lot of dealings with Pole emploi. In fact when she came here first she didn't speak any french and she had a lot of bother. They kept sending her to different places and they would pass her on etc. that is until she cried. Then some one finally took pity on her and helped her. Honestly beware of some lazy french people who don't want to do their job. Dig your heels in if you have to. Because she came from another european country she was entitled to 13 weeks of chommage/ dole plus assistance from assidec french lessons or training of some sort. She is now working for a hotel as an contrat d'extra her hours change from week to week but its an income. I would suggest if you want a job try a hotel you will be classed as unemployed until you get a contract CDI/CDD. The reason I'm suggesting this is because you need to pay into social security to receive help from the goverment, maybe your husband has paid into the system so you may be entitled to help. Hope all goes well for you and PM me if you have more questions. PS. I suggested my wife to start a small business from home and thats also another option.
  15. Here's one for ya I worked in the automotive industry making electronic connectors. I was the toolmaker. It was part of my job to make genuine parts and after market parts. We used the same moulds and plastic, but the difference was I had to remove the logo for the aftermarket parts(BMW, Ford etc.) Of course that was before they closed the factory and sent it to India. I'm sure this has happened for a lot of the automotive ind.. There toolmakers came over to learn about the process its fair to say they did't have much experience and most of them were just motorbike mechanics etc. thats just the way it is in poorer countrys, they have to start somewhere i suppose. The point I'm making is a lot of the process that were moved abroad to low cost manafacturing countrys, don't have good knowlege or experience hence poor quality parts.
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