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  1. Thank you so much - this is really helpful - sounds like I will have a bit of a challenge ahead of me but I'm sure that once I get to speak to the church in Roquebrune and in London then we can sort something. It's good to hear that you have organised a wedding over in France too so if you don't mind I may come back to you if I have any further problems...Thanks again Lisa
  2. Hi Quillan Thank you so much for your advice - I am not married yet, we hoped to have a civil service in London just before the wedding and then fly out to France for a blessing.  Your information is very useful though and we are going to start off by contacting both the local priest in Roquebrune and our priest here in London.  Hopefully they will be able to guide us further :-) Thanks again...Lisa
  3. I am based in London and want to have a religious wedding blessing in France next year.  I have no idea how to organise this - can anyone help?  The church is in a town called Roquebrune near Monaco and I would need an English speaking Catholic priest to conduct the service - let me know if you have any advice!  I also need to know what paperwork is required.   Thanks Lisa
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