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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, do you still think i would struggle finding employment with an existing tree surgery Company in France? (being above board is way more up my street anyway) I am at the minute finding it difficult locating websites of French tree surgery companies. Cheers Ian
  2. Hi, A friend and i are looking at travelling over to France in just over a months time on a working holiday. We are both trained tree surgeons with over 3 years climbing experience each. Unfortunately both of us only speak basic (schoolboy) french.  I have heard the Landes region has allot of storm damaged trees now after the high winds that  recently hit France. This potential area of work would be perfect for us as we are mad keen surfers/ spearfishermen Do you guys think we would find any work? (whether it be in Landes or anywhere for that matter?) Any advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers Ian
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