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  1. True, France is a big country and you people are very different from region to region. My mother is from Lorraine, but the people there are very different people in the Var, where I live. For instance, people in the Var find it normal that shops are closed between 12 and 3 to 3.30 pm, but people in Lorraine only close their shops for about 1 hour at lunch time. Time keeping is also different : people in the North of France tend to be more precise about their time-keeping than people in the South. I myself am Franco-Belgian, married to an Englishman and I find that the main differences between the English and the French are that the English are in general more practical and precise than the French (especially regarding respecting schedules), and the French are a bit more open to other cultures (e.g.you see more films in foreign languages in France than in England for instance in my opinion, though I've got the feeling this is changing a bit) but less open to foreign cuisine than the English (though I'd say that's changing too).

    I have always found the food in England delicious, but I remember being shocked when we were invited by friends who served a lovely tiramisu for desert but put smelly cheese on the table at the same time. That really disturbed me and prevented me from fully enjoying my desert, yet to my husband this was completely normal.

  2. Hello,

    I'm just a normal Mum but I think that Daft Doctor's argument makes a lot of sense. My little boy has been vaccinated every time the dr recommended it, and he's now a very healthy 18 months old, and my husband and I feel safer for it.

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