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  1. Hi there, You can only board at Grand Air from 4eme. As places are at a premimum I dont think they would look too kindly at giving up a place to someone for six months in the section. I have hosted students from abroad for the school before, I think nowadays you have to find your own host family. Maybe you should just find a normal college near Calais that has boarding facilities, if you wish to improve her French. There are some companies who organise these type of exchanges? I do think though its the best way for children to improve languages, the French do it all the time. Often french children at Grand Air would go abroad for six months to improve their English. Another downside to sending her to an international section is that she will naturally stick to the English speakers, which defeats the object. Lorraine
  2. Steve, Have you thought about contacting many of the Irish and UK holiday Camping companies who have campsites all over France. Many take on mature couples these days to do the maintenance work on the mobile homes? It will be for the season, but will give you a good idea how it all is over here? Lorraine
  3. Thank you, looking at this its one fifth of month pay brut for the first ten years then thereafter one fifth plus two fifteenths.
  4. Hi Its possible over the coming months OH may loose his job through economic reasons. Anyone know the uptodate Statutory Redundancy pay here in France? Is there a minimum and maximum? We know he will be entitled to 80% of his salary for two years unemployment benefit, but what is the lump sum payout? Lollie 44
  5. I have always found Hertz the cheapest in the UK, just make sure you book through the English website!
  6. Hi Anyone using Orange OPen, TV/Internet/Phone plus mobile. As we have a fixed line plus three mobiles between us it looks like this would be a cheaper option for us. Lollie
  7. Maybe they could meet and talk with them via Skype? for one visit, and surely taking time out between now and June will not be so difficult for a second meeting?
  8. Not true, I have a Tesco Credit Card registered to my address here in France, my statements are also sent here. I often shop at Tesco online and have it delivered to my sons at University over there or to frineds or family ready for us to pick up when we are visiting. Maybe you mean the Tesco Clubcard.?? Lollie
  9. Any suggestions for a few nights away, over New Year, that will include a New Years Eve dinner/dancing and bedroom?? Within a two hour drive of La Baule, perhaps Brittany, Loire, Vendee?? Lollie 44
  10. When my 20 year old son went to apply for French Nationality, he was told that he could not keep his British nationality and have French nationality so he walked away. True or not??
  11. Looking at next summers schedule for Dinard it seems they have, Leeds and Bradford to Dinard next summer instead of Nantes. Back to the long drive north .........
  12. I suspect he has pulled out. http://nantesatlantique.forumactif.com/t2980-programme-ryanair-hiver-2011-2012 Oh well good while it lasted.
  13. Can anyone confirm if Ryanair have pulled out of Nantes? I cannot find flights to the UK/Ireland at all for 2012.
  14. Its after October I cannot see any flights forever!!!
  15. Is Ryanair not flying to mainland UK from Nantes this winter? Leeds and East Midlands both seem to have been taken off. Anyone heard or seen anything? Lollie 44
  16. Yes but the discount depends on how long you are staying, something I have only just realised. It has to be for over 10 days for the 30% discount. For up to 6 days its only 15%, and we often do shorter trips.
  17. Is it possible to buy pipe cleaners here in France and where? I would like to make spiders for halloween with a school group. I know I can get them online from the UK. Lollie 44
  18. Hello, Anyone else having problems with claims to gold mastercard? I had a ski accident beginning of March and cannot fault their assistance, but since I have made a claim for cancellation of a holiday with their assurance at the end of March and have still not received any reimboursement. Today they have told me they have big processing delays and havent even looked at my claim yet!!!! Lollie 44
  19. Having spent six days in hospital Grenoble recently, bedside manner and food were obviously not considerations. Lollie
  20. It will be interesting to see if the Universities receive unprecedented levels of applications next year!!
  21. I am sorry RB, but you have just made me smile!! A school secretary??? in France?? If you did find one, maybe in a Lycee, then it would not be in her/his job description to advise on piano teachers. You are lucky to get to speak to someone about your own child!! Try your local newspaper or Le Bon Coin online.
  22. Looking to buy a netbook. My useage is, to skype family whilst away, download podcats and audio lessons for use with students, writing up articles and searching internet, dont want to pay much more than 300euros, any advice, warnings reviews?? Thanking you in advance Lollie
  23. We had the same experience as Cooperlola, very friendly meeting but when they realised nothing much to invest we never heard from them again! Still thats their business to seek out money earners.
  24. I am travelling to East Midlands very soon from Nantes with Ryanair. I have always used the same suitcase for hand luggage for many years without a problem. However, I did notice last summer at Leeds they were very strict checking each suitcase fit easily within their cages, you had two chances to slip it in. that time I had checked in luggage but they still insisted i put my handbag in the slot. My suitcase is fine apart from the depth, 23cm including the wheels that jut out slightly. Anyone passed through East Midlands with Ryanair recently, are they checking all suitcases??
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