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  1. David,

    You seem to have summed it up exactly - thanks indeed.  I have an old VHS player, and an old DVD Sony five disc player, but if they do not work, or there are not enough scart fittings, I may take you up on your kind offer.

    Off now to work everything out.

    Thanks again,


  2. Coops,

    What a wonderfully helpful reply.  Exactly what I needed.  I had not thought about an "all in one" telly being difficult to renew or repair if a small bit goes wrong.  I had thought about buying an all singing all dancing telly with decoder and DVD included.  Now I will look for separate bits.  Exactly the sort of advice I was hoping for.

    Presumably your Panasonic hard drive recorder with two Freesat decoders needs a double satellite LNB receiver?  My old VHS recorder should work with a new system, and I will see if the Wi-fi signal from the livebox reaches the telly.  I will have to see if my present Sony DVD recorder and VHS will work with any new telly, or if I need a Sony telly.  Perhaps I can get away with just a new telly and new decoder recorder such as Humax or the Panasonic you mention which sounds ideal.

    Thank you very much indeed for your enormously helpful reply which has given me a great start in looking for equipment.


  3. Danny,

    Thanks very much for that very helpful advice.  I will follow the link.  I must confess that I was a little puzzled when Chezstevens after googling recommended a LED, but SD bought a LCD telly.

    The bit about the computer being at the opposite end of the house was a clumsy way to show that it would be difficult to receive telly by internet, which Orange keep trying to offer me, or to connect the telly to the computer.

    We presently get French digital telly through an aerial with little smart box, and Sky via a satellite dish through an old basic Pace Sky box to a CRT telly.

    Thanks for your help.


  4. Pachapapa,

    Sorry I asked. Please ignore my post above.

    FYG I do not know what "gOGGle" is, but I have Googled it and did not understand the answer. Surely this kind of flip answer could be applied to almost any question on this forum.

    I had hoped for some simple laymans advice from people who had actual experience and understanding of modern systems.

    Never mind,


  5. [quote user="Chezstevens"]hi Sunday Driver, GR8 that we can perhaps help you for a change! TV wise it may be worth looking at the LED TVs - longer life, less power etc. Having said that we are very happy with our Samsung 37" LCD .... Samsung & Sony share the same boards but not the price ;) If you do not subscribe to Sky then you may consider Humax Foxsat HDR - brilliant HD recorder .... however not a player, without fiddling with CAMs etc, for subscription Sky. Might be worth goggling both suggestions. Plasma screens have many issues, and with the brightness etc of modern LCDs, non of the early advantages (IMHO). If nothing else it has started the discussion :) Vern[/quote] As a technical moron, what is the difference between LED and LCD for someone just wanting to watch the telly, and which would you recommend? If it is not too much to ask, and I wonder if this might be of interest to others, would it be possible for the experts on this forum to recommend a completely new system? We are thinking of upgrading our telly system, and wonder if anyone in laymans' terms can suggest a system starting from scratch considering modern advances in equipment. Things to consider are receiving French digital telly through an aerial (already fitted), and UK telly through a satellite dish (already fitted). Preferably incorporating a Sony video recorder for the old video library, and considering that the computer is at the opposite end of the house to the telly. Many thanks, David
  6. Many thanks for all your help. Thanks Tim for the costing advice, that will give me some idea of what sort of costs to expect.

    Sorry for the typo John, they are slates and I have edited the post.

    Theiere, I was told that the slates themselves, as well as the crotchets and nails were in poor condition. They showed me a couple of slates which they had replaced, and they seem to be very thin and light, certainly not Welsh slate standard. They may have been artificial slates, and they seemed to be soft and friable, and delaminating. At the most they are only forty years old.

    Will try to get an expert to go up and have a look.


  7. Thanks for that. Here the small scale repairs were done with ladders and roofing boards, but I presume any large scale repairs will need scaffolding.

    I presume that the 100 euros per square metre does not include scaffolding, and that the scaffolding is extra.

    Thanks for your help.

  8. Thank yopu both for your help.

    DraytonBoy - our roof is also held on with crotchets, with some nails thrown in. Some of the crotchets and nails are rusting, but we were told that the slates themselves were in poor condition. Unfortunately we cannot get up to see for ourselves, only with binoculars from below. Can you give some indication of costs for repair and also for renewal per square metre?

    We do suspect that the roof slates were disturbed by this company when they were in the loft space putting in extra insulation, and that the roof may not be as bad as they say.

    Thus we are hoping to find an expert to guide us.

    Many thanks for your help,

  9. Many thanks for that, a lot of info to take in.
  10. In the very heavy rain just before Christmas we developed, for the first time, a leak in the slate roof of our house, which was totally rebuilt in about 1969.

    A local company turned out on Christmas Eve and made emergency repairs, but told us that the slates were in a bad condition and that the entire roof needs renewing before next winter. They will now come to prepare a devis for complete renewal, which sounds very expensive. The roof consists of slate tiles nailed to wooden battens with no lining at all.

    As we have just had a new heating system installed (by the same company who also installed new insulation in the roof space), and new roller shutters (installed by a different company but who were recommended by the same company), we really cannot aford a new roof. I am in a wheelchair so I cannot get up to the roof to inspect it for myself.

    We do not think that this company are roofing experts, though they can make repairs to slate roofs. So we would like to find a roofing expert.

    We live near Bressuire in the North Deux-Sevres, and we wonder if anyone can recommend a trustworthy roofing expert, who is up to date with latest technology, and who will tell us honestly what needs to be done, or if there are any short term remedies. Our neighbours have suggested that we look for companies in Angers, as the town of Angers has a lot of slate roofs.

    I would be very grateful for any comments or suggestions.

    Many thanks,

  11. Shame on you SD [:)].  I thought that, in your guise as the Forum Guru, you defined the exchange rate as a public service to the Forum!

    [B]  [Www]


    p.s.  Sorry about the beer in the header - don't know how it got there, and cannot find out how to delete it.

  12. Many thanks Ame, will enter them tomorrow.

    Has SD come up with the definitive exchange rate yet, so I can complete my forms?



  13. Thank you everybody for your very kind replies.  Unfortunately I hsd to go out unexpectedly today, so I could not try your suggestions, but I will do so tomorrow.

    Many thanks,


  14. I have been trying to access my on line tax form for the first time ever, but without succes.  I am a complete idiot with computers and tax forms, so no doubt I am doing something stupid.

    I have tried looking through the various threads, but cannot find any simple instructions, so is it possible for someone to advise in simple step by step instructions how to access my tax forms on line PLEASE?

    For the first time, I just want to look at the on line forms and perhaps experiment on line as I do the paper forms for submission to the local office.

    Also I do not understand the Certificate or what you do with it, or whether it is possible look at the forms without the Certificate.  Do you print this Certificate off before proceeding?

    I have also heard that there is a tax calculator on line, which does not require a Certificate, but I could not find it, perhaps I am wrong and the tax calculator is with the forms themselves.

    Many thanks,


  15. I wonder if anyone can tell me which boxes I should put my incapacity benefit in?

    Many thanks,


  16. With a view to reaching retirement age of 65 next year (July 2011), and trying to retain my 100% disability cover, I have been going through my old CPAM papers, and I found one letter dated 14 November 2003 which states:-


    Object:  Exoneration du ticket moderateur au titre d'une affection de longue duree.

    Beneficiaire: Me


    Selon avis du service medical, les soins relatifs a affection de longe duree du beneficiare cite en reference seront rembourses a 100% pendant la periode du 16.10.2003 au 16.10.2024.


    I am puzzled as at the 16.10.2024 I will be 78 and a bit, so why that year?   Also I am not sure if I have an affection de longe duree as classed in France, but I am physically disabled.

    Can it be correct that I am entitled to 100% cover untill 2024, or is this wrong?  Have the rules changed since 2003?

    I wonder if it may be a typo and that 2024 should read 2004.  If so, could I hold CPAM to this form?

    I would hate to rely on this, and then find that CPAM do not honour this letter.  This letter was included in my original bundle of documents when I first joined CPAM, and the wording and style is different to my annual attestations.  I had just filed it without realising it's importance, and then kept the annual attestation (which came with this form) for general use.

    Thanks for your advices.


  17. Thanks very much everybody for your helpful replies.  I have now found the tick box in Security, and all works well.

    My ears are now getting a rest, so thanks again.


  18. My wife's Dell laptop cannot open photos attached to emails, but she can open attached documents.  The photos are listed in the attachment list, but the lists of photos are pale in colour and will not open when clicked on, whereas the lists of documents are a sharp clear colour and open when clicked on.  The photos do appear at the bottom of the email, but are enormous and only about one eighth of the photo can be seen at any one time.

    When clicking on the paperclip in the inbox list she gets the message that OE has removed the link to a dangerous attachment.  The photos are not dangerous, and open well when forwarded to my machine, although they are still huge at the bottom of the email.

    She is using Windows XP SP3, Windows Explorer, and Outlook Express 6.  It seems to me that her OE has unilaterally decided not to open any photos but I cannot find out how to make it open them.

    Any advice gratefully received as she cannot open the photos of our brand new grandchild, and my ears are getting sore!!!

    Many thanks,


  19. Thanks very much for that SD, particularly the advice about payment.

    I think I now understand enough to give it a go.

    Thanks again, and trust you are well.


  20. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]

    The process is quite simple.

    First, you need to obtain a certificat de situation/non-gage which tells the buyer that there's no outstanding finance or legal oppositions registered against the car.  You can download one from [url=http://www.interieur.gouv.fr/sections/a_votre_service/vos_demarches/vehicules/telecartegrise_particuliers]HERE[/url].  You'll need your carte grise handy to fill in the request and the certificate is free of charge.

    Next you need to complete a certificat de cession transferring ownership to the buyer.  It's a three part form  signed by both of you - you give one copy to the buyer, keep one copy for yourself and send the third copy to the prefecture to advise them you're no longer the owner.  You can download a blank certificate [url=http://www.interieur.gouv.fr/sections/a_votre_service/vos_demarches/vehicules/certificat/downloadFile/attachedFile/cerce.pdf?nocache=1152631071.98]HERE[/url].

    Finally, you draw a line across the carte grise and write on it 'vendu le (date/time)' plus your signature, then hand it over to the buyer together with the CT certificate (if the car is over four years old).  The CT certificate must be no older than six months.

    Once the car has gone, you can cancel your insurance by producing your copy of the certificat de cession as proof of the sale.



    I must thank this forum for some wonderful advice over the years, and would be grateful for yet more advice.

    I am bringing myself to sell my much loved car as we no longer use it, and wonder if the system for selling a second hand French registered UK car may have changed slightly since this thread was written?

    I found that the "certificat de situation/non-gage" must now be completed on line.  This is presumably a request for confirmation that no debts attach to the car, and seemed straight forward, but I wonder if the confirmation is emailed back or sent in the post?  Or is confirmation given as the form is completed?

    I found that the SD link for the "certificat de cession" no longer works, but I did find it by doing a search.  Considering the recent change in numberplates, which prefecture should this form be sent to?  If a local prefecture how do you find out the postal address?

    Lastly and VERY IMPORTANTLY, I am wrestling with advertising, but WHAT IS THE RECOMMENDED METHOD OF ENSURING PAYMENT???  I have searched for this recommendation without success.  I have heard that even French bank cheques can bounce.  Any accounts of actual experiences welcome.  Should anything be put in the advert about payment methods?  I am afraid that the car will be virtually worthless being over ten years old, RHD, petrol and automatic - all the bad things in France, but I would still like to ensure that any agreed sale money is actually paid.

    A simple idiots step by step guide to selling a car in France from start to finish would be much appreciated.



  21. Hi Bugsy and Quillan.

    Sorry for the delay in replying, and thanks very much for the link Bugsy.  I have not tried the zip drive link yet, but I have now got my new computer up and running using the memory stick, and have managed to transfer all zip drive backed up data.

    I liked the zip drive as it acted as another hard disk where I could rewrite to my heart's content, and back up daily, whereas I had much trouble with cd disks (by that I mean all types of cd's/dvd's including rewrite).  I am now using a memory stick to back up everything, and yes Quillan I have found that backing up data on a regular basis is essential, particularly when I ran a small company as a consultant/surveyor.  Most of the backed up data that I have now transferred relates to that time as it is still not time barred.

    A great idea Bugsy to have an external hard drive that fits into a shirt pocket.  I must look for one.  For the moment I will use a memory stick as Quillan recommends.

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, and I hope it assists others new to windows 7 and 64 bit systems.


  22. The zip drive is an Iomega Zip 100, and from the web site it has only been tested for 32 bit windows 7, and it may not work on a 64 bit machine, however, the memory stick is now working so I can transfer data on that.

    Thanks for the link to the article, at last something in plain English which I mostly understood.  I am beginning to think that I should have been aware of 64 bit and 32 bit and stuck with 32 bit.  Anyway, too late for that so I will have to manage with the 64 bit.

    The latest thing is that I bought a brand new Canon printer/scanner/copier model PIXMA MP550 to go with the new machine, and I now find that I have to download the drivers as the supplied disk only goes up to Windows Vista!!!  When I go to the Canon site there are about half a dozen different things that I might download, but no indication of what is necessary for the machine to work, and no instructions as to how to connect the xxxx thing to windows 7 64 bit!!!  I think I will just try the downloads one at a time and see which works, starting with MP drivers.

    Such is life, the trouble is once the printer is connected, I will have no more excuses for not going through the last weeks' post, and paying some bills and filling in some forms!

    Edit.  Tried to insert a smiley, ticked box and pressed post and the whole thing posted without the smiley - ah well.


    Second edit - just found the smiley in the post title - looks quite good!!

  23. Hi Quillan, many thanks for your helpful reply.  Sorry for the delay in my reply, but I have been trying to find out which version of windows 7 I have.  After much hunting around, and visiting the windows web site, I have now found that my edition of windows 7 is "Home Premium", but I cannot find out which version of home premium I have.  Sounds stupid I know, and I apologise.  The home premium bit was easy to find, but trying to find the version has taken hours - any advice as to how to find out which version I have please?

    Originally the zip drive and disk worked well on the old machine.  When I tried the zip drive in the new computer it told me that the disk needed formatting, when I declined by cancelling, it then told me that the file system was wrong.  When I then put the disk back in the old computer it now didn't recognise the disk and told me to put a disk into the drive.  I  then tried reformatting on the new machine, but after trying it told me that it could not reformat the disk.  Now the zip drive is recognised by both machines, but neither will read the disk.

    After trying the memory stick in the new machine, the memory stick was recognised as a drive, but the stick now simply will not open in either machine.  When going to windows explorer the drive is recognised, but with 100 percent free space, and no bite allocation - the computer just seems to see a blank.  When I originally tried the stick it worked well in the old machine, and I saved some photos to it.  The problems started after trying it in the new machine, when I tried to transfer data on the stick rather than the zip drive.  I am wondering if the stick may be faulty?

    I have just given the stick one last try and the new machine offered to repair it!  I let it run the repair and it now seems to open in the new machine!  I have not yet tried it again in the old machine.

    Thanks to you and Cat for the tip about the compatibility mode.  I am now in it and have a full size posting window.  However, much of your message to which I am replying is lost under the posting screen.

    Thanks Bugbear for your link which I looked at.  Unfortunately it is rather complicated, and being a computer illiterate it went over my head.  I just want a simple computer for writing letters, saving photos, email and internet, and the occasional strategy game - no shoot em up stuff.  Can I do that with a 64 bit computer without lots of hassle?  Have I been sold the wrong sort of computer?  What is the difference between 32 and 64 bit and why is 64 needed?  So far 64 bit seems xxxxxx useless, and a menace!




  24. I have discovered that my "wonderful" new lap top seems to be a 64 bit machine, rather than my last one which was 32 bit.

    Are there any problems, or operational differences that I should be aware of? Will my xp disks for photoshop and games work for example?

    Together with changing from Windows XP to Windows 7, and the change to 64 bit, I am having problems and I am not sure whether Windows or the 64 bit is causing the problems, and I am becoming less than enamoured with my new machine. I haven't got to the state of chucking it in the bin yet though!

    For example my old venerable and much loved zip drive worked perfectly with XP, but the new machine will not read it, and has destroyed one of my precious zip disks. This is unfortunate as I had backed up all my work onto zip disks.

    Further I have an HP 8gb memory stick which does not seem to want to transfer data between the two machines, and the bubble game on jeux-gratuits is very jerky on the new machine.

    To add insult to injury, the window that I am writing this post in is tiny, and I almost need a microscope to check read the text.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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