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  1. Gardian,

    Thanks for that.  I have now installed Chrome, but I think that I need to uncouple edge from the orange email account before setting up Chrome.

  2. Thanks very much for that, unfortunately it made no difference.  However, I did discover that there are only 43 emails in the sent box.  There should be hundreds of emails in both boxes.

    I have tried fiddling about, but no difference, and there seems to be lots of storage space left.

  3. I recently changed to a new windows 10 laptop and started using microsoft edge for emails.

    My gmail account is working well, but I have a problem with my orange email account.  For some reason the account is only keeping the last 20 messages in Edge for my orange inbox, but all emails for my orange sent box and all gmail.

    I have gone to the orange site to access the emails directly, but again I can only access the last 20 incoming emails.  Somehow I may have changed some instruction for the orange inbox, but I cannot find any way to change to inbox to keep all incoming orange emails.

    Any help gratefully received


  4. Gardian wrote the following post at 08/05/2017 12:58:

    "It'll be the 'RFR' number which is printed on your last Assessment (2016 for 2015 income)."


    Thanks very much, especially for replying so quickly as I was panicking a bit.  I found several RFR numbers but I finally found one that the site accepted.

    I had intended just to register and then make the declaration at leisure but once in I could not find a way out, so I had to complete the declaration!

    Anyway, it seems to be done now, and much relief.  Only the UK bank accounts to declare now.

    Although I was worried about declaring online, I persevered and now wish that I had done this sooner as my tax bill on the simulator was drastically reduced as opposed to submitting the declaration by paper, and this was confirmed when I had completed the online declaration.

    I now wonder if it might be possible to appeal previous years tax on the basis of this years simulator?  That is enter previous years data into the simulator and see what the result is?

    Thanks very much to everybody who posted helpful advice, and I can confirm that the advice has worked for me.


  5. Well, thanks to all you good people I thought I had it all sussed on paper only to fall at the first hurdle.

    When signing in I managed the fiscal number and the access number, but I could not fill in the third box.

    They ask for "saissez le montant figurant sur votre dernier avis d'impot sur le revenue" but I have no idea what number they are referring to.  I am sure it is very simple but I would be grateful for advice please.  This is my first time declaring online.


  6. Thanks for that Andy about the AS1 vs AM1 boxes, very clear and helpful.


  7. Thanks for that Emily, thanks to these very helpful posts I have now completed filling out my tax on paper forms and I am ready to start on line.

    Presumably you can also declare UK bank accounts in this text box?


  8. I am very confused about where you declare UK bank interest on both forms.  Form 2047 seems simple until it asks for the "taux" applicable, which I do not understand.

    After filling in form 2047 using 0 for "taux" applicable I then cannot see where to put this UK bank interest on the 2042 form as the 2047 is confusing as to which 2042 box to put it in, and the form 2042 does not help.



  9. When filing my tax return by paper I wrote "Titulaire de Formulaire S1 (E121), donc pas a la charge de L'Assurance Maladie.  Revenues 1AS et 1BS exoneres de la charges sociale" on the forms.

    This year I have to file online, so I would be grateful if anyone could tell me how I make this point about not paying social charges because I have an E121 in the online declaration.

    Any assistance gratefully received.


  10. Thank you very much indeed for that, and I am sure that it will be of use to me as none of my income is from the government apart from the standard OAP which is taxed in France.

    At the very least using the simulator will hopefully give me some confidence in working online.

    Thank you for your very kind and helpful posts.

  11. Gardian,

    Thank you very much indeed for such an excellent and full reply, thank you also for all the time and trouble that you have gone to.

    Firstly the matter of the E28k+ probably arose because I had some temporary income in the 2015 tax year that put me over the E28k for that year.  As you say it makes little difference in the long run.

    Your explanation of how to enter the Invalidity credit and when it applies is very valuable and clear, as is the example of the reduction in tax that may be achieved.  When you say that you ran some numbers through the Impots simulator, is this the same as filling in the Impots form, or is there a special simulator that you can practice on before officially entering any numbers?

    As regards my personal circumstances, I am married and retired.  I have not finalised my income from 2016 yet, but I am in the process of doing so.  I am just waiting for a document from the UK which should be with me soon, but to my surprise I may be over the E28k limit!

    I will have a go at the forms on line, and hopefully I can ask for more assistance if necessary?

    Best regards, and thank you again for such a very helpful post.


  12. Thank you for that Mrs KG, it sounds correct so I do not think that I will have to worry about how to join a RIB while submitting my tax online.

  13. Thank you, a good question.  The Carte was issued on the 2nd June 2016, and is valid for three years.


  14. I have to complete my tax return online this year, and as I have not done this before, or even seen the online system, I am a bit worried about a some things.  Generally my return is very simple as my only income is the UK OAP and a small private pension, plus a derisory amount of bank interest.

    But - First, I have been awarded a Carte D'Invalidite  for "Taux d'incapacity egal ou superior a 80 percent", and I understand that this reduces my tax liability.  This Carte is newly awarded and I have not declared this before, so I would be grateful if anyone could advise me how to record this Carte and claim the tax reduction on line.

    Secondly, I presume that there is a facility on line to list details of UK bank accounts.

    Third - Although I have been in the French tax system for many years, and my bank account has not changed during that time, I have read that I need to send in a RIB this year - how do I do this when completing the form online?

    If things become difficult can I still go to the local tax office for help even though I have to file my return online?

    I would be grateful for any advice,


  15. Gardian - I agree with you and I tried this but I was challenged by my local tax office.  After a stern talking to I had to use either the Bank of France rate for the date of receipt of funds, or an average rate given by the local tax office - which that year was not very attractive.

  16. To AnOther - You would be correct if I transferred all my worldwide income to France, and it would be much easier to calculate the euro income.

    Unfortunately I do not transfer all my sterling income to France, but use some to cover UK liabilities.  Thus I need a bank rate to calculate the euro value of the income which stays in the UK, this can either be an average or it can be taken on a daily basis from a chart.

    Unfortunately I cannot note the rate on the day of receipt as I have to wait for my monthly UK  bank statement to see how much funds have been received, and when they were received.

  17. Thank you Cajal, that chart is excellent and exactly what I need for that part of my sterling income that I do not transfer to France, but which I use to cover UK liabilities.

    Thank you.

  18. In respect of my upcoming tax declaration I have been trying to access exchange rates on the Banque de France to obtain historical 2016 daily exchange rates for my UK income, but they seem to have gone electronic.  They used to have a graph where you could use a pointer to get the rate, but this seems to have changed.

    If I use the average of the 1st January 2016 and the 31st December 2016 I get a false result as these were two highs, and the exchange rate was mostly below the line connecting these two exchange rates on a graph, thus I would end up paying too much tax.

    I would be grateful if anybody could point me to a site where I can access the official exchange rate for any particular day in 2016.

    Or does anyone have any ideas for obtaining a fair yearly average rate?


  19. Our local Mairie has a long flight of steps at the front door. Of course the handicapped parking space is at the bottom of these steps, so to access the Mairie you have to push up a steep hill at the side of the Mairie, then round the back and knock at an unmarked door. This enters a draughtsmens office so wheel between the desks with the men moving chairs out of the way, then wheel through a maze of narrow back corridors to reach reception which is the only part of the Mairie which can be reached by wheelchair.

    One doctors (GP) office has two large steps up to enter with no side rails to hold onto, but does have a toilet that can be accessed by handicapped people. Another doctor has a street entrance with no steps to reception, but has a very tight turn to go into the docs office, and no accessible toilet. This is difficult when a person has prostate problems. A third doctor has his office up a flight of stairs with no lift access.

    Our local restaurant and supermarket complex has one Asian style toilet (squat over a hole in the ground). and no other toilet facilities.

    All a bit behind the times.
  20. Hi Norman,

    Do you think that things have improved? I think not.
  21. We have a Logitech Squeezebox which performs excellently as a dedicated radio in the kitchen, where we would not want a computer exposed to the kitchen atmosphere of grease, flour etc.

    It plays BBC or ClassicFM most of the day with a good sound, and no problems, and leaves the computers free for internet browsing.

    We undertook a lot of research, and this was the best radio for us, and we have been very pleased with it.
  22. I did another scan last night and now have all the main channels, including BBC 3 and 4, which are up in the hundreds numbers. There are hundreds of channels, so I have not yet found all the programs, but movies for men, 4seven and more than movies seem to be missing.

    However, I am more than happy with the channels we have, and will now try to get to grips with moving the channels we want to the favourites section.

    Many thanks to all those that have helped.

  23. Hi Danny & Pierre,

    I posted to thank the people who responded and helped me, and I am very happy with the result. However, there are some channels which are not present on my new box which is a Listo-sat 168 box.

    The missing channels are BBC3, BBC4, ITV3, and others such as movies for men, more than movies, and several of the plus one channels.

    I have done two full satellite searches, and I plan to do a last one when the weather is good with clear skies, rather than the heavy cloud that we have now. My dish is a small dish and signal strength is just over 70%, so the system is at it's limit. I am just not sure what time of day would give the best results.

    Again, thanks everyone for your very kind help.

  24. Well, I finally bought a cheap new box and tried it out. Hey presto - it worked! Congratulations Lehaut for an accurate diagnosis.

    Unfortunately the new box does not receive all the UK channels, so now I wish I had bought a more expensive box.

    However, I will be grateful and stick with this one.

    Thanks to all who contributed to this thread.
  25. I think that you have a different problem to me, and that it is probably correct that you need a bigger dish.

    You should read the Astra 2E/2/F Technical Thread below.
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