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  1. Hi, thanks for this, I'll give them a try and post here if successful!
  2. Hi everyone, I've done a really dumb thing! The other day, I unscrewed the lid  (Male 65mm fitting) off our underground oil tank to check the oil level, something I've done many times before. It was raining and the top slipped from my hand and vanished into the abyss between the tank and the concrete box that it sits in. Tried everything to reach it, but no good, so I decided to go out and get a new one. I've tried umteen different places to get a replacement, but alas no joy. Can anyone point me in the right direction???? Thanks, Rob.
  3. Hi everyone, thanks for all your help!!! I contacted France telecom and it would appear that we have been given 2 lines, a standard FT fixed line along with an internet line. They tell me that this is more beneficial because if the internet goes down, we will still have the use of the normal line. "So how much more does this cost?" No more extra allegedly, it's now part of the service. So, we now have 2 numbers an 09 for internet and an 05 fixed. Only problem is we now need another telephone as we cannot utilise both numbers together. We have to plug into the livebox to make and receive internet based calls (free to uk/european landlines), but if someone wants to call us on our landline, we have to be plugged into the wall socket. Confused?  Well yes, but a little wiser. Now our friends up the road want to know why they have not got 2 lines as they ae paying the same amount. Cat amongst the pigeons maybe? Cheers, Rob.
  4. Hi everyone, thanks for your replies. Unfortunately, this livebox jobbie is driving me mad!!!! I can make outgoing calls through the livebox, but  incoming calls on the 09 number (when connected through the blue lead to the livebox) just go dead. When I ring the 05 number from my mobile (through the livebox) I get a ringing tone on the mobile, but nothing on the fixed telephone. When I connect the fixed telephone to the wall phone socket (through an ADSL filter) and then call the 05 number..... voila, it works fine. I checked online with my account and it shows that all is connected and working correctly. I contacted the France Telecom "Help line" who whilst good at selling you the product, refuse to offer any suggestions stating that I must contact the technical helpline. All well and good, except that whilst my French is getting better, I'm still not fluent enough to hold a technical conversation down a telephone. So, any suggestions please!!!!! Thanks, Rob.
  5. Can anyone offer any help/knowledge with France telecom/orange telephone numbers. We recently signed up with France telecom and received a livebox et all. We've got t'internet up and running (wireless)and are (so far) very impressed. We then received an email from Orange informing us of a 09 telephone number but are a little confused as to what this number is for. We are thinking it is for making local/international? calls (as part of the package), but when trying to dial in to it from friends houses, cannot get through, and we have to unplug the phone from the blue lead of the livebox and put it back into the ADSL enabled socket in the wall.  Is this how it should be? Please help. Thanks, Rob.
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