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  1. We are a married couple who are looking for a three to six month let. We require two/three bedroom property, furnished or unfurnished, in a semi-rural situation. We are both mature, non-smokers and can provide references. Rental around 450/500 Euros. We are now in this area and able to view at any time!
  2. My English next door neighbour in his late seventies,is returning to live in the UK after ten years of living in France. I asked him 'why'? It seems it is all to do with his finances. He has been living on income from state and private pensions and interest on some stocks and shares. Under the present financial conditions caused by the weak pound, he can no longer make both ends meet in France. He has managed to sell his house, taking a hugh drop in price and in the process and has now only £115k in the bank. He has managed to find a nice Park Home on a over 50's residential site in England for £90k. He says he will be better off in the UK, as he can get extra money with Penson Credit;,Attendence Allowance and his wife will be able to get obtain Carers Allowance as he is not 100% fit. When he has less than £15000 in his bank, the council will pay his rates and ground rent. On top of that he is entitled to heating allowance and cold weather money. If his boiler is out of date and failing, the council will install a new energy efficient one, free of charge. He can join the local library free and also get cheap meals at the pensioners day centres.He will no longer be liable for monthly top-up health charges of Euros130. It doesn't take a financial wizard to work out th advantages of his move. Or could he be he looking through rose coloured glasses? Wait a minute!..........When's the next boat?
  3. When I return permenently to the UK, I will be taking my French registered car with me. It was originally registered in that country. What is the proceedure to get it re-registered again in England.
  4. Thank you Russethouse, that site answers the question. I do appreciate it!
  5. Is it a fact that if you were to return to the UK from abroad, one would have to wait six months to get back into the system, medical, dental and social benefits?
  6. A friend of mine, aged 82 is returning the UK permanently. He has a French driving licence and is wondering how long he would be allowed to drive over there, without changing this licence? As it is a EU document, can it be taken for granted that it is still current for many years?
  7. Would I be out of place to point out that the manufacturing of fois gras involves much cruelty?
  8. Is this for real? Try Gordon Brown. He is handing out loads of money!
  9. Please do not tar all renters with the same brush. There are many Brits like myself, who rent in France!  Renting long-term, because we do not want to get embroiled in the French housing market with all its attendant worries and expense at the moment! My wife and I treat the house we are renting as our own and care for it accordingly. We always are a month ahead with our payments which are paid regurlarly! It is up to the landlords to use  their common sense when they interview any prospective tenants and ask them for proof of their finances! You will find that not all tenants are rogues!
  10. We are a retired couple who are looking to find a 12 month plus rental! We need a 2 or 3 bedroomed house or bungalow, town or country, small garden; unfurnished or partly furnished.  It must be in department 17!  Please send all info;  pictures and rental required to my email address! Post edited by a moderator, if you can help the poster please contact by forum email or PM.
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