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  1. hi, thanks for getting back to me, I understand now. I think I panicked a bit doing it on line for the first time. and, like you say they did change it last year, which I didn't notice which meant I had to get the avis corrected. anyway, thanks again. Barbara
  2. Hi, I am doing our tax online for the first time. I am now receiving a private pension which is paid into my UK bank. Where do I declare it. I have put it in box 1BM. I am the 2nd declarant . I always fill in form 3916, but when I did that it did seem to go back to the divers box as if I had made a mistake. So, do I also put it in Divers in box 8TM, or is that just for non residents. because a new box then comes up asking me for the details, which seems to make sense. Pension and revenue. hope you can help. many thanks. Barbara
  3. Yes, I can see when I really sat down to study it, although they have stopped using the roman numerals and where I usually put the local government amount in Number 6, or Vll. the wording on number 7 looked very similar, just either l'impot Francais or l'impot Etranger at the end. which worried me a bit. hopefully they will keep the blue forms the same. many thanks for the replies
  4. HI, just received the pink form today and it looks to have changed. can anybody tell me where to put our various pensions. my husband has the State Pension and a local government pension. I have just started to receive a small private company pension from September last year. also can anybody help me with my company pension, I have taken a lump sum, 25% tax free and then a small monthly amount. where do I put the lump sum, it's a one off payment so don't want to just put it with the monthly payments. it would help to know where it goes on the blue forms for when they arrive. many thanks.
  5. Hi, many thanks for most of the replies, still not too sure about exactly what I am covered for, so I think I will go and ask exactly what is best for my situation, I need all the cover I can get with having a disabled husband who did the car side of everything. I have got Assistance + but not Panne + and not too sure of the difference. thanks again .
  6. Hi, is there anybody who is with Credit Agricole and can help me. what do I do if I break down, what number do I call, I have all risk, 0km. so what do I do if my car won't start or I have a flat tyre before leaving home. many thanks
  7. Hi, I had a look back on our attestations and before we had the form E121 our code was 89.  and I have seen a code 2 on something else.   
  8. Kelly


    Ok, that's great, that's all my christmas stamps sorted then, must buy Pritt stick.  many thanks
  9. Kelly


    Hi, yes i use that web site, but what do you print your stamps onto, I usually print straight onto the envelope, but sometimes the envelope won't go through the printer.    Can I print them on normal paper and then selotape them on the envelope, or use glue. Kelly   also I think the ones delivered in France are cheaper, no tax. 
  10. Hi, i don't suppose you remember what the figure was, by any chance.    
  11. Hi, i'm in the same situation, with 2.5 parts, and i think you will find that it's 10,024 for the first part and then 2676 for every following part, so that makes you need less than 18052 euros on your revenue fiscal. There is a table on the inside of your TdH that gives all the figures. Although, they did make a mistake on my tax return, so it is important that you check it.
  12. Hi, I've just had a new chauffe-eau fitted, bought from Leroy merlin 150 litre, and I can't see a thermosat to change the temperture which is too hot. I've taken the plastic casing from underneath, but can't see anything there.   many thanks
  13. Hi, well as far as i know it's working fine, but i had a few problems with Mis-information when i phoned the english helpline, so until i get my first bill i won't know for sure. It didn't help that they disconnected my interenet phone straight away, but said i wouldn't be on free calls for a few days, and when i kept looking at my account on the internet, what calls i did make were charged for, and then it was the week-end. Anyway, Monday i phoned them again, and he has promised me that i am and have been on free calls and that it would be sorted out on my bill It seemed every time i phoned them i got somebody else telling me something different. But it is cheaper, well, it will be anyway, but i have a nasty feeling i still might have problems.  if you could let me know how you go on if you do decide to change to it. Regards 
  14. Hi, oh lovely, thanks for that i will get them phoned up today. I will probably keep the livebox, it's the only router that i've ever known, but could you tell me what do i look for if i do decide to buy another type.      thanks again, Regards Barbara
  15. Hi, I'm with Orange for my internet, I rent a livebox and pay for my fixed line. So Internet costs 34.99 euros per month and the line rental of 16 euros per month. Total 50.99 euros. I've just been looking at their fixed line deals and they have something called Optimale Internet at 38.90 euros per month, which seems to give me everything i have, but a lot cheaper, Internet and unlimited telephone calls to the UK, I keep my land line number, so no stupid 09 number to worry about and the line rental is included. I'm not sure if i still have the rental on the livebox, but still cheaper. I'm going to phone the French Telecolm english help number to talk to them tomorrow,  but I wondered if anybody has already got Optimale Internet, and if i've made a mistake somewhere. many thanks
  16. Thanks for the info and the prompt reply, i don't pick it up until tomorrow evening so i'll give it a go on friday. Hopefully everthing will be fine. thanks again
  17. Hi, I've got a problem with using the internet phone, it's worked fine for ages, when i phoned the helpline they said it must be the box, so they would send me another. what i want to know is, it just a matter of pugging the leads into the new one, or do i have to do something on the computer. They have told me to phone them if i have a problem, but i'm just wondering how difficult it will be. I will be quite sorry to see it go, as the box is about 8 years old, so it's been a while since i've had to bother with it. regards
  18. Hi, I was just wondering how you would get to know about these forms if you don't look on the this forum. I haven't heard about it before I saw this posting. Are they being sent out by some adminstration or the Mairie. Are they being sent out to every gite owner and how do they know the people who have gites.
  19. I've just noticed on this years tax forms that they have changed the wording, for the C1 Revenus non professionnels. Regime micro entreprise. Do I now have to put the rent I get from the gite into box 5OP. And then 50% instead of 29% for paying the social charges into F1 Revenus a imposer aux prelevements sociaux, box 5IY. It's in those boxes because I am the conjoint. They seem to have now put the locations meublees, (which I take it means the rent) in with the services. I don't rent the gite out very much and don't get much income from it, so I like to try and keep it as uncomplicated as possible. I hope somebody understands all this I seem to be getting more confused. Thanks
  20. Hi, i've sent you a PM, with the name of the mutuelle and a link through to the AMELI web site which explains about the Cheque Sante. Let me know if you get the PM, it's all new to me.
  21. Hi again, I'm sorry for your situation, i don't know whether it would help, but the mutuelle i have is for handicapped and aged people, they seem pretty reasonable, i was given their name and number when my husband had his stroke. also, did you know that if you are just over the amount for free health care they do give you money towards a mutuelle. i think i know how you feel a little bit, sometimes i feel as if i'm banging my head against a brick wall,never mind that even 4 years down the line, i'm still learning about the system. I hope things get better for you.
  22. Hi, i am just in the process of filling the forms in for the renewal of APA, we have had it for 3 years, in the forms you have to put down what money you receive, i.e, pensions and any other income, also what money you have as capital, and what interest you get. The only thing i have to do now is take the form for the doctor to fill in. The APA pays for somebody to come in for 3 hours a week to clean and keep an eye on my husband, and a tele-alarm system that is connected to an operator so that he can call up to 4 phone numbers, the last one being the pompiers. We pay about 20 euros a month for this, we used to pay just 5 euros, but i think since my husband has started receiving his state pension, that has gone up. There are lots of things the APA won't pay for, even though we are allocated over a 1000 euros a month, when i asked if we could actully have some of it in money, to pay for things that i can't do, i got a letter back saying no and even had a visit from the conseil gereral to explain why not. This probably doesn't help, but as i have got the forms in front of me, i know i am right on those.
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