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  1. [quote user="cajal"] A combination of:- A slight rise in inflation prompting a possibility of a rise in interest rates. A rapid rollout of covid-19 vaccinations meaning lockdown will be lifted sooner rather than later with a resultant boost to the economy by releasing £100 billion of UK savings amassed due to covid. Chancellor's budget more positive with support and investment than the markets were expecting. Up and until today the $ has been rising and the £ has been trailing this rise. [/quote] I agree with the points, but the £ has been rising since january well before the budget, and has also risen almost 20 cents against the dollar in the last 9 months, rather than training it. Its voodoo!!
  2. [quote user="BritinBretagne"]Full vaccines? Way ahead of Britain. Three pathetic examples of nothing. They’ve cost you a shed load of money are you happy?[/quote] So you ask for examples and when you get them they aren't good enough. Think I touched a nerve. Thing is, you've made a decision in the past to move to France, and as is normal when we make decisions, we look for affirmation of the decision to be correct, in this case, some of that relies on you belittling the UK. Its normal, we do the same when we buy a car, a coat, anything. Are you having that many doubts? Re vaccines, the Uk has chosen a different strategy to France, and the latest scientific evidence - including comments in support from WTO -suggest that was correct. Our infections and deaths are much improved. France?? And could you provide a source for the data behind your assertion of how much its cost us?
  3. That would be nice, but we have a choice of growing a beard.http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance-forums/cs/images/emotions/biggrin.gif
  4. You're right. But its not about the money - although if it impacted men as much there would have been more effort put in to change years ago - its about the freedom to respond to the electorate. And I say that as a bloke.
  5. Here's a quick few off the top of my head for BinB.... 1, We'll be the first european country to ban live animal exports 2 . VAT on female sanitary products eliminated, something the Maastricht treaty forbade. 3 EURocrats won't be spending our taxes on vanity projects in eastern Europe so that western european manufacturers can move production there for cheaper labour and working rights. Oh, and how's your vaccine program going??
  6. I don't mean to be a party pooper, and would love to be proved wrong but.... there is a lengthy thread on one of the expat facebook groups discussing this, and it seems its not straightforward. We bought a golf 8 years ago which we leave at a second home, and had no trouble getting a carte grise through visiting the prefecture. Now apparently you can only obtain a cg either by: a) buying a new car and letting the dealer handle the cg b) Using the online system( ANTS is it?) which would not be open to a UK resident because of info needed on the online form, (I seem to recall social security number or tax number was the issue) or c) using an agent, who will charge of course. As I say, happy to be shown as wrong, because it would suit our situation too if we ever needed to replace our car.
  7. Thx Kizpip, I got that and replied. As of last night, we are now sorted, thx for all your help folks. Yonner
  8. yep, 4 was always going to be the issue for cost v car hire. I didn't fancy leaving my car exposed in a free car park for 3 weeks - maybe paranoia !
  9. I did look at blabla Sue, but because we want to get some accommodation sorted - so we need arrangements in place - and there being 4 of us with sacks, and living in the sticks it looks impractical.
  10. They look interesting Mint thx, we'll take a shufftee later. We walked the SJPP to Santiago route a few years ago, and Le Puy to Cahors a couple of summers back. I think we did see the botanical gardens in Pamplona - do they have a false "river" with black swans on it? We have a three week window this year and thought Pamplona was a good stopping off point for trains/buses back home. That determined around Condom as a start, based on daily distance - Little did we know how tricky/costly it would be to get to Condom on public or hired transport, but its coming together.
  11. Thanks Mint, you're right thats a bit OTT!! Hopefully there'll be somebody nearby who has a car sized piece of dirt and wants the price of a good night out :)
  12. Thanks patf, I may be back to take you up on that but will wait for answers here first. Yes there are several, we did part of the one from Le puy a couple of years ago, this is "the next bit" for us.
  13. Hope someone can help. In september i'll be walking part of the Chemin, hopping on around Condom, and heading to Pamplona - about 3 weeks worth of the route. Getting down there in a hire car or train, and back by whatever means is proving a bit of a faff to say the least, so I just wondered..... Is there anyone on the forum who lives on or close to the route and has the space to allow me to leave my own car on their drive, securely, for the three weeks? I'll pay of course. If, in principle its possible, please pm me and we'll discuss. Thanks in advance tho'.
  14. They ( lib dems) were rude to the democratic will of the majority, but that's their right, free speech and all that. Re the Brexit party's actions, it seems like their logic is that having an anthem implies the EU see themselves a s a state, which annoys them. Its weak argument, I think, and it would have been more statesman like to just stand and listen.
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