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  1. The difference is that in other European cities the rich areas are within touching distance with the poor areas. They share common transport links, facilities, and access to jobs. Satellite cites like Clichy-sur-Bois is 10-12km out, no railway station, no buses, no police station, no Jobcentre. It's a dumping ground. Out of sight, out mind, until it explodes.
  2. I was sent here by my employer. My wife (French) is stopped from working here as a langauge teacher, though she is qualified (in France......and UK, Spain and Germany)
  3. As we've moved around, the missus has bought loads of properties. Industrial towns and cities in Spain/France for us, rent to locals. Stick to languages, legal systems and areas we know. 11% return in Spain. 8% in France. No capital growth (you'd get hammered by the taxes anyway.)
  4. Good to he's got himself a new shiney bit of Bling.................SARKO ONE LANDS!! http://www.leparisien.fr/politique/video-le-nouvel-avion-presidentiel-fait-escale-en-nouvelle-caledonie-27-10-2010-1126114.php  
  5. [quote user="idun"]( a french pay slip is truly a thing to behold, his is an A4 page and a half long). [/quote] Agreed, nearly 2 pages for me. Designed to totally defuddle the reader. I lose the will to live reading mine, and neither I, or the missus understand half of it, and I really don't care. It's not like it's optional. TH/TF. Meaux v. Creuse. 8 times greater in Meaux, but there again we actually have some facilities in Meaux.
  6. Check BODACC with the business name. I need you to more specific about about the type of insolvency (Sauvegarde/redressement judicaire/liquidation judicaire) On the positive salarys and some employment related items are ranked highest, if it is an LJ. However, you need to find the court which is dealing with the matter, and contact the appointed officer ASAP, as there is a time bar.
  7. [quote user="Panda"] But when you do your tax return in France place of birth is requested isn't it, or have I dreamt that?  I know I was always being asked to fill out my place of birth. [/quote] That could be it. My MiL's Accountant does all that. I wouldn't know.
  8. Don't disagree with you, it's all part of the mix. France could with a good bit of Brit navel-gazing..........and actually doing something about it's problems. Recent history does not bode well on that point.
  9. [quote user="Sprogster"]velcorin, the tax and social security authorities have of course this information, if you are legal![/quote] Nope. I still don't get it. I must be thick. I earn in France, I pay tax in France. How do they know my nationality? Previously we were in Barcelona. Same company. Before that Germany. Same company. Surely at some point my link to the UK breaks?
  10. [quote user="Will"] The only thing I might disagree with is the weight given to government sleaze. In this respect, the Sarkozy administration is no different from its predecessors, so that's not a reason on its own for it to be so disliked. But taken in combination with the confrontational, nanny-knows-best style, it is certainly a good reason to mistrust the French government.[/quote] I think the big difference this time, is that it was discussed openly in the press. (Like it would in Britain.) Previously, with Mitterand's parallel family, and Chirac's fictional employees (etc, etc, etc......), the media did a good impression of the 3 Monkeys. The dawn of the internet?
  11. Not sure how these figures are collated. I've never been asked directly. I'm not registered at the Consulate. HR don't record my nationality. How does EuroStat know I exist? Conversely the missus registered at the Consulate in London when we lived in the UK, so she could vote. Past that, again, I don't know how Eurostat would know about her. To HR, she was "Other White European".
  12. Best European paper by a million miles for sensible, well-researched, well written, non-political information. Followed by the Economist.......in my humble opinion. And Le Parisien** for all the murders, kidnappings, etc. Real France[:D] (**Oppps can't spell. My French teacher won't be happy, and I'll be sleeping in the spare room again)
  13. Unlike some of the fluffy, unresearched articles I've seen in British newspapers, covering the current social unrest in France, I thought this was excellent. Hopefully non-French speakers better insight into what is happening here in France. Please read carefully, it will explain the anger and frustration people have towards Sarkozy (big effort not to call him anything else) and his Govn.  http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,725250,00.html
  14. The French will be probably interested. At least it can go to sea..................unlike the CdG[:D]
  15. [quote user="Chancer"] I dont know about more likely to be topped up but given the extortinate price of the fuel there plus one has to pay to go on the péage to fill up there then they will be the last to run dry. The supermarkets will be the first to run dry, Esso stations will be one of the last as they also charge silly money. [/quote] Try to find company owned sites. They will get priority. The Hypers and owner-managed sites buy spot, and won't get supplied when fuel goes on allocation. Try to find which depots/remote terminals are not being bloque, they will be able to make deliveries. (5 years of working supply-chain logistics for an oil major.) When all else fails, ring the sales order centres, they will be able to tell from their Vectis systems the schedules for deliveries that day, and where the hauliers are on the road. On another note. The Govn isn't being entirely honest with the public when they are making statements about the availability of stocks. The intervention stocks are being inflated by the crude stocks at the refineries. And they are on strike! The strategic stocks are being inflated by the demurraged ships in the Med. At best there is about 7-10 days of fuel, plus if the Govn released the military stocks that might be another 1-2 days. Currently, we are on shutdown, as we cannot deliver. That is having a knck on effect with other industrial plants. The GDP figures will be completely shot. Hopefully, the Hypers can find fuel, or stuff will be disappearing off the shelves. No panic though, it's Toussaints. That'll get the fuel sorted.
  16. [quote user="idun"]GB didn't even sell the gold when no one was looking, he did it quite openly, and the pension thing too. [/quote] Those arch monatory morons, the Swiss, Germans and Swedes, also sold all their gold within the space of a couple of months of the UK. Perceived wisdom at the time was that a stack of pretty coloured bricks sat in a vault doing nothing was poor economic practice. With a Bsc(Hons) in Hindsight you could make an arguement that it was wrong. But, anyone want to tell the Germans, Swiss, Swedes they were idiots? Did the DM or DT mention this? I've never understood the arguement that a pension fund, run for profit, should not pay tax on dividend received, everyone else does. They are not charities.
  17. Maybe I misheard the radio chatshow, maybe they weren't talking about the NATO stocks. The distributors have some sort of reserve stock which has been authorised for release. Doesn't make it clear how much there is. http://www.lemonde.fr/depeches/2010/10/14/les-operateurs-autorises-a-utiliser-leurs-reserves-de-carburant_3208_38_43622633.html
  18. Yes, there are the 60/90 Day Intervention Stocks, supposed to be for war, held at the refineries. No Western country to my knowledge has ever released these stocks to the general public. The Dwarf is considering it, according to media briefings. Issue would be the massive public humilation for him, and actually getting the stocks out of the refineries. They are not connected to the remote teminals, via the pipeline network. Maybe he intends to use the Army? Again, massive humilation. It looks like the syndicats have found France's economic heel, and they will play it to the max. Will he give in?
  19. [quote user="idun"]And in France, employment for the young has been a big big problem in all the years I was there. I hate to think what it is like at the moment. [/quote] A story in Le Parisien, my daily must read paper, quoted the official stats for 15-24 age group unemployment in Ile-de-France as 54%. And that's taking out the kids in education, training, etc. The number IN a job must be adsolutely tiny.
  20. And possibly the world's most stoopid negogiating tactic from the management. Chances of getting the crane drivers back now? [Www][Www][Www] ZILCH
  21. I have just received an e-mail from our hauliers. They are not committing to delivering after Thursday due to an anticipated total depletion of road transport stocks. They are the biggest road hauliers in France Briefly the main refinery at La Mede has 2 days of crude stocks left, due to the port blockade, which is separate to pensions issue. It will be forced to go offline, the remote terminals are already very low. The shortage has been further increased by strikes at other refineries, this time directly related to pensions issue. http://www.leparisien.fr/economie/retraites/la-quasi-totalite-des-raffineries-touchees-par-les-greves-12-10-2010-1106633.php Basically, unless the supertankers can't berth at La Mede today, it will be a full shutdown. Dog knows how many weeks/months it takes to bring something like that back online. Best go and join the queues. Good luck. It should be interesting what the Dwarf's last remaining supporter thinks of this[;-)], not sure he'll be happy walking.
  22. Mr Cynical bets SocGen stick the EUR4.9Billion on their balance sheet as an asset. As long as they don't acknowledge it will never repaid. Instant capital increase, for zero effort, or cost. French, Spanish, German banks have been pulling this trick for the last few years. Got a Non-performing loan? Don't admit it, and maintain it as an asset.
  23. Nothing untoward. The warehousing, distribution, etc will be outsourced to a specialist. You're right, there could well be no directly employed staff France. Again, nothing unusual, standard business practice for any cross border company.
  24. Best bet is a local tackle vendor. You can't shut my local dealer up once he starts. Check in the Pages Jeunes. Unlike most French websites, the Dept Federation Peche sites are pretty good  http://fedepeche53.com/index.html look under AAPPMA for the local "club". Don't know Mayenne at all, but the concept of rivers/lakes being owned, or contolled, by someone, doesn't exist around us. If you can get to it, you can fish it. Even to the point that access to 1.5m of the bank in somebody's garden is perfectly legal. Don't forget the Carte de Peche.
  25. [quote user="5-element"] There is a huge difference between "voluntary simplicity", deliberately downsizing, and actual poverty. I doubt very much that there are any really poor people reading this forum, but there are those who have chosen to tread lightly - which of course, so much more possible to do  somewhere rural than if you live in a tower block in a banlieue....where the option of chickens and rabbits and vegetable patch is curiously absent...and this is the majority of "poor people" in France. In other words, "chosen poverty", rather than "suffered poverty" ("pauvreté choisie" vs. "pauvreté subie") [/quote] And it helps, a tweent-weeny bit, if you've already got all the "stuff". Fridge, freezer, dishwasher, TV, PC, hi-fi, cars, clothes, shoes, beds, furniture, phones, cooker,............
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