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  1. NickP

    Sorry it is your logic that is flawed. How many potential new drug users do you think are currently not taking drugs because they are illegal or are waiting for legalisation to light up.

    Agree that A&E health workers will and should always treat a patient whatever the circumstances.

  2. So, the drugs barons are going to happily walk away from a multi-billion business, which pays zero taxes and,.........er. open a corner shop, perhaps?


    The same as when they lost their lucrative liquor business with the ending of prohibition – they will move into another market where demand is repressed.  

    With respect; in your dreams!

    It is estimated by credible sources (Customs and Excise for example) that circa 20%+ of ALL tobacco products sold  by retail are smuggled.

    As fast as government raise taxes, on health grounds, then the smugglers step up their efforts, 'cos it pays more!

    Same with booze.

    Same all over the continent.



    So government interference in personal choices has had what positive result?


    Criminal drugs dealers, with no associated oncosts and supplying a less pure product would fill their boots!

    Unlikely if market prices are used.

    In order to solve the binge drinking culture and the drugs problem, one must first accept it is a symptom of a social problem: not an alcohol or chemical substance problem.


    Agree. At best a project that will take generations to achieve.  

    One of my young nieces is now suffering severe mental disorder; probably schizophrenia, caused by a combination of extended abuse of Skunk and other substances. Not excessive: just the usual "Recreational" drugs: whatever that euphemism really means.

    This incidence is growing rapidly and medical professionals at the front line, as Nick illustrates, graphically, are increasingly concerned.

    Abuse of drugs is probably the hidden danger which will destroy the fabric of Western society.
    We have a problem that is growing. Sooner or much latter people will have to accept that our current stance has not improved matters and look to the issues.
    De-Criminalising would implant a cachet of legitimacy and exacerbate the core problems.

    Disagree – The current illegal status confers a higher cachet among younger users.

    Furthermore, how would the habitual users pay? They would still resort to crime whether the substance of their choice and later need, was legal or proscribed.

    The same way that they pay for them now, except that low level dealing will not be as lucrative.

  3. Drugs readily available to any ‘adult’ that wants them will at a stroke put the low life’s (and their criminal suppliers) out of business.


    Keeping the current system offers no benefits to people that are currently employed in hospital A&E’s.

  4. Woolybanana

    The use of so called illegal drugs is very widespread. Control is a silly joke and has as much chance of success as prohibition did in the US. The result is that we get the criminal activity without deterring a single user.

    I would be very happy to see drugs sold in supermarkets and newsagents. The net result would not be one more or less user.

    Why do you think that we need control?
  5. The biggest waste of resources is trying to criminalise the sale and use of drugs. Legalise the lot and eventually they will have the cache of snuff.

    Hugh numbers of food shops in the London area are little more than fronts for dealing. I guess that the same maybe true across the UK.

  6. Hi Sweet 17

    Are we mostly pensioners? My impression is that majority may be aspiring pensioners. I for one cannot yet see an end date.

    It may be of interest that the latest round of voluntary redundancies within the company I work for has attracted applications only from the younger members of staff. Older members (including some who are past the current state retirement age) are mainly hanging on.


  7. Non

    My comment is that in the very short term the economy is fairly good for some and that the longer term outlook is fairly bad for most. The comment about the prudent (those who have the financial means to decide their own level of discretionary spending) is that their over reaction will hurt the short term economy especially in the retail and service sectors.

  8. A fair if somewhat simplistic comment that could be applied to large numbers of the population.


    The wider view is that large numbers of the population have seen the value of their savings income and assets dramatically reduced. Employment security is also going the way of final salary pensions, and the Dodo.


    A large number of people are still in denial thinking that it is a political problem and all the fault of bankers, many though are realising that we have to scale back expectations to match our means.


    The cherry on the cake is that the most prudent in society are also generally the first to scale back discretionary spending. Do not expect retail sales to improve any time soon.

  9. Money in excess of your needs, usually inherited, which you pretend  to have gained by thrift, thus giving you the moral high ground over people who have struggled all their lives to make ends meet.

    With inheritance often comes the duty and expectation that you will add to it before handing over to the next generation. The higher the bar is set the harder it is to make your own mark.
  10. [quote user="powerdesal"]Now I am really concerned.

    Braco agrees with everything I wrote !!!!!

    I have re-read it all twice and can't find where I went wrong - what now???????????????????????[/quote]

    Just to ease your worries the comment was just in relation to your review. NATO with the demise of the Warsaw Pact is well past it’s sell by date. By all means have a military co-ordination group if you must, but open it out to include all G20 members.
  11. powerdesal

    Thank you very much. I agree with every thing that you write. On the issue of Russian incursion flights I suspect that the only reason is ‘we have that bit of kit so we might as well use it’. The same of course could be said for any number of world wide military manoeuvres.

    The world’s hot spots are mainly the result of disentangling previous empire and conflict territories. These interventions will need to sort themselves out. Additional interventions will only further prolong this process.

    I think that we can agree that Iraq was always an artificially created entity. What will be the result of the latest intervention is anyone’s guess. Mine for what it’s worth is the future enlargement of Iran, and the establishment of an Independent Kurdistan that may or not lead to conflict with Turkey. Moral of history is you expect one result and get another.

    While I certainly think there is a role for the military the situation is currently way out of balance as regards needs and requirements. The US is the shining example of spending ridiculous sums for little if any gain. Where was the profit in trying to get involved with Georgia?

    Has stationing troops in Korea for the best part of sixty years, being a help or a hindrance to peace and the eventual reunification of the peninsular?

    Sadly we may never Know as it is all too easy to raise fears or to brand an opponent as soft on security if they think outside of the current box.
  12. [quote user="Russethouse"]For my benefit can you please explain what special threats we face that are not faced by say Germany, Sweden, or Switzerland?

     Did Germany, Sweden or Switzerland join the USA in invading Iraq ?
    [/quote] Sorry I am not sure I understand your question. If you mean a threat from attack by a foreign country then I would say no. If you mean a threat from internal residents the answer as we already know is yes.
  13. With respect Pearl Harbour is far more complex than shown in films, and that if FDR was GWB his response could have been to declare war on Mexico.

    Who said do nothing?

    NATO and all other clubs should be disbanded with immediate effect.

    The Cuban missile crisis followed on from the installation of US missile sites in Turkey which were quietly removed as part of the stand down agreement.

    If you enjoy this type of action great if not elect real statesmen.
  14. To my mind the best programme I have seen in the last 30 years though with me they were preaching to the converted.

    I knew thing where bad in the South East but never dreamed how bad they were elsewhere with the Northern Ireland economy 80%+ coming from taxation and loans..

    The programme was dumbed down and repetitive but I felt this was needed to hammer home the scale of the problem.

    Bringing the National Health Service into the spot light is also long overdue.
  15. [quote user="just john "]

    Braco I agree with your views on Uni education; and you did come back, so I'll take a chance that you can't be all bad;
    with regard to Poppies . . .  I'd say you really completely misunderstand the symbolism, blood spilled by boys and men obeying orders of your elected representatives, I'd say you need to take issue with politicians (if you think you could win that one) . . . and shouldn't expect a job in PR or BP or RR.


    The greatest victory for humanity after the defeat of the Nazis was handed down at Nuremberg with the words that following orders was not a defence against war crimes. I politely suggest that if every soldier worldwide took this to mean I shall not carry a weapon outside of my national boundary that true progress will have been made. Remember the Christmas football match in the trenches.
  16. The defence of the realm starts with a correct understanding of the threats. For my benefit can you please explain what special threats we face that are not faced by say Germany, Sweden, or Switzerland? I would ask that you do not include the rump of the empire as any leader worthy of the name should be able to negotiate acceptable agreements and guarantees.

    The real threat in my opinion is civil unrest as the economic situation worsens over the next ten years.

    PS I should have also have added in my previous that a true statesman – Harold Wilson had the strength of character when tested with the offer of joining in the Vietnam War to say no,
  17. Ladies and gentlemen

    Let me start off by apologising if anyone thought that I was condoning the poppy burning. I was not. You may have seen the protest at the Celtic football ground. This may be of interest to people advocating the deportation of Muslim’s. I take it that Scottish nationals are now also added to the list? The if your not with us you must be against us argument is the first step in the decent into totalitarism.

    In answer to the losing the argument I am afraid that I found little need to respond to silly insults.

    The reasons that I will not wear a poppy are clearly stated. I respect everyone’s right to choose. I do contribute and politely explain my reasons. I do not support the help for heroes’ charity. My support for the armed force is to campaign to stop corrupt and stupid leaders placing them in harms way fighting ridiculous unwinnable and counter productive wars.

    The poppy appeal certainly had many uses in providing for the victims and helping the nation through the grieving process. My problem is the danger that it is manipulated by leaders to garner support for their latest adventure. If the motto was remember the sacrifice and say no to anymore wars of choice I would proudly wear a poppy.

    In answer to the people that have made the assumption that I am either not western or a Holocaust denier the answer is no and no. What is worrying is use of ‘Holocaust denier’ as this part of the lexicon of the people grooming us for episode three.

    The lesson of the Holocaust is that given a population where all dissenting voices have been eliminated that leaders can use nationalism and large armed forces to achieve any agenda.

    The UK has many problems to deal with. Last night trillion pound horror on channel 4 is worth watching. Least among them is the threat of terrorism. It was best articulated by a speaker on Any Questions a few weeks ago as ‘I have more chance of a tortoise dropped from an eagle’s beak landing on my head’. Before someone says 7/7 let me remind you of the video of the bomber stating that his driver was Iraq. The government of course holds an inquiry as to who stood where. The armed forces should be drastically reduced to fit a sensible defence only policy with nuclear weapons as backup.

    . .

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