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  1. [quote user="woolybanana"]Actually, the Libyans begged for our help. Honour demands we respond if we can, unless you would prefer to allow the Hitler of Tripoli to slaughter his people.[/quote]

    Exactly right – we sell the arms to ‘The Hitler of Tripoli’ and then we find a puppet(s) to claim as our good deed, In the mean time the UK has pot holed roads that would cause a scandal in third world countries.
  2. What is happening in the UK is simply a high number of scum bags doing what comes naturally. There are really only two real issues/questions.

    When the government will stop subsidising the production of these little darlings.

    When will the public elect representatives who are mature enough to put running the country above playing out their imperialistic fantasies?
  3. Hi we would be grateful for some pointers as to getting car insurance in France. With the rising cost of fuel, and the opportunity of taking long week end breaks we have decided to try and buy a car to leave at our home in France.

    We are looking at buying a French registered car in the UK, and driving it over.

    Thank you

  4. People are people are people, surely as much effort should be put into getting all the innocent Libyans out as well???? Their lives are just as important as the Bristish Oil workers, some probably more so.

    Watching Question Time last night the answer from Lab/Con seems to be no - the most important are the 55k employed in the UK arms industry.


  5. For our first job this year I would like to replace our current fuse box for a modern trip type box. Our current box is about 40 years old (three phase) and uses internal fuses.

    Before asking for quotes I will be grateful for any information.

    Thank you.

  6. Cooperlola, Gluestick

    Very good points. While poor driving skills are a major problem I think that your comment ‘but should I really have been doing 60kph not 90 on a route nationale?’ best encapsulates the problems that we all face. A good driver (I am not questioning your abilities) will adjust their speed to the prevailing conditions and characteristics of the vehicle they are driving. Unfortunately a high number of motorists are clueless at best and use the maximum speed limit as if it’s in place to act as a minimum.

    Stand alone speed camera’s are popular and demanded by communities that have a perception of speed dangers. The demand far exceeds the numbers that are installed (usually only following two number fatalities at the site). I am not a fan as they do not address the issues.

    Retesting along with higher standards of training and graded speed limits to match developed skills are very good ideas.

  7. cooperloa

    There are a number of studies that we can pick to prove a point. You may like to read http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/roadsafety/research/rsrr/theme5/fatalroadcrashreporting/doc/rswp11.doc

    A number of fatalities are not correctly or uniformly recorded.

    Over a ten year period 1985 to 1995 I attended about 1000 RTA's which included about 100 fatalities. During this period I never came across a case where low speed was contributing factor.

  8. Gluestick

    You make some interesting points. I have a little knowledge and experience of the M25 and M11. Last year 28,567 people were killed or seriously injured in UK traffic accidents (Department for Transport statistics, based on casualties in accidents reported to police), the vast majority are speed related even though governments prefer to highlight drink drive. It is legal to purchase and use a car that is capable of exceeding the maximum speed limit, and we have numerous TV programmes extolling the fun of speed.

    Exactly how many drug crazed fairy watchers jumped out of windows during the same period?

    Your comments about dealing with drug suppliers while understandable are pointless. We need to tackle the demand side of the equation.

  9. The exact opposite I think that there will be no new extra punters.

    In fact when legal our children and grand children will not return from trips to Amsterdam with hash seeds to grow as a sign of rebellion.

    I have no desire to take drugs even if they are offered BOGOF at Tesco’s.


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