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  1. Real Halloumi only comes from Cyprus. It comes in two main types – in packaging, soft and white and suitable for palming off on the export market.

    Type two which is usually made to order is stored in large jars and can last over five years it develops a harder more yellow consistency. As for the taste –just typing this has made me want some.

    Try it with water melon and bread

  2. Hi Scooby

    I think I did list knowledge of the market. A 50% overspend on major renovations (works costs only) is fairly good going. The point I was trying to make is that most people enter a project with an over optimistic view on how cheaply work can be carried out and an over high estimation of resale value.

    During the past ten years or so many marginal schemes have been rescued by rising property values. That safety net is no longer present.

    The market is not dead. Present value on both sides of the channel will adjust downwards over the next few years.
  3. We are hoping to purchase a house in France during the next few months. I would like to thank the forum members. This site is a wealth of information.

    For what it is worth my impression is that the effects of this current down turn will last longer and have a far greater effect in the UK.
  4. I have many years of experience in the UK. As with all property developments there are four key elements:

    Access to money

    Project management skills

    Design flair/knowledge of the market


    Do your sums add 50% to the building costs and remove 25% off the sale price.

    If the sums still add up then go for it.

    Just another point builders and DIY ers usually make the worst developers - the auctions are filled with their half finished renovations.
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