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  1. Sarah/Cathy can't help with info other to try the forum on this site someone may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you. http://www.andalucia.com/

    good luck Ali

  2. Having had to live in the Borough of  Croydon for 8 years all I can say Mr S has some taste, sorry to say I can't  think of any resturant he would get a good meal in, in Croydon.  However, perhaps in modelling a part of Paris on well perhaps thats Purley which has the most millionaires per square mile in the UK! Just a thought but on reconsidering perhaps not!!

  3. [quote user="ErnieY"]

    Permission was used as broad term and I don't recall having to ask/tell my local council in UK diddly squat about paving a bit of my garden or putting down a hard standing. You have permitted development, planning permission and building regulations but what is 'building notice' ?



    Sorry to tell you Ernie, but you would now have to ask your local council in the UK for planning permission if you want to pave just a bit of your garden.  The new regs came in this year partly as a result of the flooding issues some parts of the country have had.

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