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  1. Thanks for your help, the property is in two parts  a house and a barn converting into a workshop for my husband, we were believing to let either holiday or other the house to give an income for my husband to use the workshop towards maybe holiday schools down the road. With the builder being behind we are now treading water so to speak waiting and living off money that should of been used for the property. We will have words with the bank and look into options mentioned .
  2. Notice it is quite a while since your post and wondered what happened? Also how did you find the company who would do the changeover cleaning. We have an end of our farmhouse ready we hope in May and have been considering a long term let as with being in England it seems so challenging to run a holiday let.
  3. Big thanks for advice. All over now thank heavens! Because of the solistor who was brill and circumstances surrounding situation a 500euro fine and 6 months ban . I think everything was much more frightening due to the way things were treated by the police who did not really listen. A learning curve for us.

    We are very new to the ways of France and have a lot to learn. Already with renovating our property we seem to be forever meeting red tape. I think this is a great site for learning.

  4. Big thanks, and to Clair,for the thread to your answer to my first question. I had only joined the site that day and after writing could not find my way back to view any answers. Still learning! My husband has now got a solictor to support him as with the confusion and his diabetus he would be lost. We have also taken on board your advice about proof. It seems from what you say it could be dreadful. Are fines payable on the spot or do they give you time to pay?

    Thanks again

  5. Due to a muddled series of events(and language) when my husband was pull up in the car not long ago, instead of giving him a fine on the spot which apparently should have happened they thought he lived in France and gave him a court date. We are not sure what will happen now except things regardless of the mistake will take there course. We anticipate a fine, and wondered do you have a period of time to pay or is it demanded on the spot, as we will need to move money and it is not a good time? Thanks

  6. We have now got a friend in France to ask that question . Although my husband can speak some French the police have taken when he said he had a house in France that he was living in France. Apparently if they had not decided this he would have just had a large fine, but unfortunenatly it has now gone into their system which seems cast in stone and he has been given a date for court. We are unsure what now will happen . The police do seem to have given him very conflicting information.
  7. Hi can you advise? My husband needs to get a French Driving licience. While we are renovating a property in the Lot we are not believing to move as yet but unfortunatly when he was just over there seeing the builder he was arrested for being over the limit. There are complications as he is diabetic and was unstable, being taken to hospitial. Either way he has been told he needs a french licience to produce for a hearing . If he does not have one it is taken further. Big thanks as we are out of our depth.
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