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  1. Thanks for all the thoughts and ideas..we are going to France soon and will be trying them out ..very Challenging. We are in Meyronne
  2. Living in England and now that our house has sold need to clear everything when we come to France in the next few weeks but wondering how? Be very grateful for any advice or contacts please.
  3. As we are on our way to France on Saturday  having a property in Meyronne where do we go or who do we see to sort out paying tax for our holiday let? We have always paid two other taxes on our property which just come out of our bank account. Thanks
  4. Thank you again, I think you have been helpful to a number of people and have indeed stopped us wasting a lot of time. Also the information which mentioned the French tax year. Hopfully when we come over in March we will have time to sort everything and declare it before May.  It is a good thing my husband speaks French otherwise this really would be a nightmare!
  5. Well I will now print all this out for my husband and myself to read and digest! We have so far rented with French Country Cottages so all payments have gone into our french bank account. I wondered where do you get the form to fill in? and we will indeed seek help when we come to France in March. Is this too late or acceptable? I am thankful we do not need the expence of an account and I hope we can claim for all we have spent on furnishing the farmhouse so far.. My thanks [:)]
  6. I have just checked out the thread and I see what you mean about reading but very useful. My thanks. I wonder if we need support with our tax can anyone recomend an accountant?  to help or advise us. Our property is in Meyronne near Souillac. Thanks again
  7. My thanks you have given me somewhere to start.. our bank were not very helpful when we asked. I expect its more complicated because we are in |England. Thanks again
  8. Hi , living in England we have not long finished renting our property in the Lot for the first year. As we have had quite a few rentals(although in the beginning we did not know if we would have any) we need now how  to sort out our tax due and wonder how the tax year runs in France? We also hope we can claim for furniture ect as our property was quite a ruin some years ago and we have started from stratch so to speak. We really needed to get a return to carry on. We also need to know if we will need support of an accountant or are things straight forward? Also who do we contact? We are coming to France in March. My thanks
  9. Does this offer only apply to a day trip or can you just use it to go over?
  10. Hi, there have tried to email you before and just now but it was returned to me so I am unsure what the problem is ? Do get in touch if you still require Rental Thanks
  11. Thanks for your directions. Our builder uses Point P a lot(he goes over from England ) but as you confirmed, he said they were expensive. He is going over in March so I will have time to look into prices etc before then Thank you again
  12. Hi we need to buy some floor tiles and are in the Lot near Martel. As they are heavy its not a good idea to bring them from England. Can anyone advise us of where best to go? Thanks
  13. Hi We are traveling to the Lot in March with our 2 Dogs. Last time on our first trip with them we used Eurotunnel which was very easy and quick although the drive in France was long for them and the cost for us all quite expensive. Has anyone views/ recommendations on other ways? I am unsure what happens to pets on ferries. Thanks
  14. Hi we have a French bank account to pay our bills and use while we are in France. Does this have to be declared?. We have not got around to renting our property yet though it does seem a nightmare.
  15. Hi back at last and everything went very well! Cant thank enough the support on the site. I printed various tips and information out so as not to forget. Thankfully the dogs had no ticks ect and The French vet used the treatment files I had been given by our own vet. The tunnel was so quick & easy. No stress at all. Our biggest challenge was the drive down France to our property in the Lot. We were thinking of maybe trying a ferry next time . I would be interested in peoples views and experiences and what happens to the dogs on ferries? Thanks again...
  16. Hi there. What exactly are you looking for? Post edited by the moderators. Please do not advertise or post your products or services on the message boards.
  17. Thank you to everyone we are actually leaving tomorrow a lot more confident . Will be in touch when we get back Thanks again
  18. I seem to have problems responding through the site to pms. We are leaving home on Sunday
  19. Hi , our vet has given us frountline but I notice on some of the posts Advantix. Is this better and is it better to buy it in England . Our vet charges £50 for both dogs. We were going to use frontline before we left, but maybe we shopuld use Advantix instead? As we are traveling up from the Lot any places to stay over with the dogs would be great. Thanks
  20. Hi we need to stay the night of Thursday 22nd October and will need to be at the tunnel around 4.30 -5.00pm Thanks
  21. After all the help I and I suspect others have had why is it so confusing . After reading leaflet again I notice it suggests you find a vet at the port. No one would want to go to the port 24hours before boarding, also the way they word it is very confusing. I suggest some of the people on this site should give them some help! Now what is this form showing proof of where you live and where do you get it? Any help please?
  22. Hi we need an overnight stay 1/2 way ish between Souillac and Eurotunnel. We also have 2 dogs. Need to be able to get comfortably there for 5pm Big Thanks
  23. Hi, we were thinking of 6pm, so if I have at last figured this .. we would need to see a vet the day before by 5.00 at the latest if we hoped to book in around 5, if it was earlier it would not matter. As my husband is diabetic it would not be the best to try and drive all the way also we would need breaks for the dogs. If I am right we could see a vet before we leave in the morning drive halfway , stay overnight , then drive to the port for 4/5ish am I right? please say yes...
  24. Thanks for your excellent information! Further to it can anyone recomend somewhere we can stay overnight. We will be traveling from near Souillac, in the Lot to the port/Tunnel to get the 6 o clock crossing. Hopfully then we can find a vet there and book ahead. We are not traveling back till the 22nd Oct as we need to spend some time cleaning and painting! Big thanks...
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