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    Another one.

  2. when I copy and paste the IMG code to the forum the code is posted but not the photo, any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  3. ViVienne

    Another one.

    darn, posting photo didn't work[IMG]
  4. smoked mackerel pate, yum
  5. always watch come dine with me, watched the French one too but they don't get to nose around the house, and why do they always do the vote in the bathroom?
  6. thanks Wooly, I've just told my husband to get up against the wall!
  7. I mainly run on red wine and chocolate but the car is petrol.
  8. please let us know if there is petrol at the motorway services, we are going on 4th November, I am starting to get a bit worried
  9. they are lovely, do they have craft markets near you? I sell crafts here in the uk, I just go to one a month or so, it is great fun,
  10. we always get them to check at the port on the way out of the uk.
  11. we do relocate any that come into the house (well not me personally I won't get that close!) and I wouldn't hurt them, they are fascinating and I know it's a totally irrational fear, my husband used to pick them up and put them outside until one bit him!! so maybe not so irrational
  12. one of my dogs is a thinking dog for the stupid, she suits me well. Maybe I could get a special harness and vest made up for her....
  13. I was feeling sick and having palpitations just reading the thread so you can imagine what the photo did......and as for seeing one in the house! I don't mind them so much if they stay outside and I don't really understand the fear of them. I'm certainly not brave enough to get that close
  14. don't usually read the animal welfare posts because......uh oh gonna cry again!
  15. for some reason the cost of taking 2 dogs to the vets in France isn't twice as much as taking one. It's also a lot cheaper if you opt to have the worm treatment in tablet form
  16. we also had a loft style ladder, in the end we went for a "normal" staircase and had a new opening made going up from the dining room. it wasn't as expensive as we thought it would be and it made a huge difference.
  17. must remember to tell the OH to only partially expose himself in the garden in future then....just in case
  18. there is a bird in our garden that sounds like that, but I couldn't tell you what it is
  19. in the uk they sell the low energy bulbs in the £1 and 99p shops
  20. Carefull with the Avon skin so soft, it bought me out in a rash
  21. thanks for the ice cream recipes, I will give them a go. Sorry to hijack the thread.........I always only make dough in my breadmaker, I don't like the holes in the bread from the paddles
  22. you could cheat and buy a carton of creme anglaise, I have done that before and works out fab, I also layer some apples and a small dash of Calvados in mine
  23. just bought an ice cream maker from my local charity shop, and I'm just loving it....but all that cream.................
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