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  1. the ad on TV makes me laugh, they promote it like it's a pump action shotgun. Don't think it's any different to the other weeding tools on the market. I have one called speedy weedy, good for dandelions and backache
  2. we bought a 2nd hand roof box too, and it's true we always manage to pack every single spare inch of space, after 10 years of owning the house I thought we would be just chucking in a bag and going.....it's never happened yet
  3. what a lovely find, looks good in the garden.
  4. our new Westie is a Molly too, leaving both the Westies at home in April and just taking Rosie my older dog (she will enjoy the rest!) can't wait until August when they will all come, they will just love the big garden and long country walks with no roads to worry about
  5. They have unveiled a memorial in Bordeaux today
  6. No Jo, I suspect you are very happy!! Our 2nd Westie has just been to get her passport today so she can come on holiday with us in the summer.
  7. what a lovely photo, it just sums up springtime
  8. I didn't plant mine but I like it, it's a long way from the house so it should be ok.
  9. blimey, you are as bonkers as we are! I can see why you have to get the bed thing sorted, sounds like they need their own bedroom and kingsize bed
  10. we have pampas in our garden, I know it's old fashioned but I love it, it looks good in a big lawn. It is easy to buy, where is it banned?
  11. Much better than turning your guest room into a tacky 70's B & B!!, tell your guests there are plenty of hotels with en suites if that's what they want
  12. easier said than done, but maybe the only way to do it is to not let them sleep in the room with you but put their beds in the kitchen?
  13. thanks, we are only thinking about it at the moment but I am looking at all the costs involved to see if we can manage it
  14. well it does, but it's always the frozen north
  15. ViVienne

    Another one.

    that's because they are so cute and good tempered
  16. my brothers friend was in charge of the music at the crematorium, back in the eighties a teenager died and the parents gave him a disc and said play one of these they were her favourite group. He didn't listen to the disc but just put it on. It was WAM and he played "wake me up before you go go" he got the sack!. For me it will have to be Sting singing fields of gold, or Meatloaf heaven can wait,
  17. don't know where you are but's it's been lovely in Hampshire, took dogs and Grandkids to the country park and we all had ice creams, 1st ones of the year
  18. never had a raclette, so don't know what you are all talking about. Now I feel deprived..
  19. you could just leave an area to go wild and mow around it and maybe cut a path through it, it's amazing how many wild flowers will grow
  20. has anybody knocked 2 houses into 1, how hard was it to get the water, electricity and taxes sorted?
  21. ViVienne

    Another one.

    well we have 2 sofas but they always want to sit on the one we are on, and they all sleep on the bed with us. You know who is in charge in our house!
  22. ViVienne

    Another one.

    still not working, never mind, Just wanted to say we aquired another homeless Westie, the pack is growing but then BF did say you can have up to 6 dogs in the car on the ferry!!
  23. ViVienne

    Another one.

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