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  1. I am tyring to add a second activity by using the website and I am struggling. My French is very basic - is there anyone out there who can talk me through it please? I have the wording that I need to use but don't seem to be able to make sense of the site. I have found an English translation but it only stays in English on the first page. I would be grateful for any help. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know of an English speaking piano teacher in the Dept 19 area, near Argentat? Thank you
  3. I live in South West France - Dept 19 near Argentat and I'm trying to find a piano teacher, do you know of any in the area at all? Thank you
  4. Hi there, Maybe a small increase for the forthcoming year would be appropriate, however you would need to take the 'credit crunch' situation into account.  You don't want to lose your existing clients, perhaps any new clients could have the revised tarrif. Regards  
  5. Deb


    We have been living here for over a year so we have completed one tax return, but the business has only been set up since March this year.  
  6. Deb


    What if you have started up a new business but your hours are not yet up to full-time?
  7. Deb


    Please can anyone tell me how you apply for RMI and exactly what it is? I only know the very basics so all information would be welcome.  For instance does a small amount of interest received on a savings account need to be included, I would presume so?  Is there a limit to any savings held as there would be in the UK? Thanks
  8. Hi TJ, Thanks for the response, much obliged. Deb
  9. We have set up a micro enterprise gardening services business (with me as conjoint collaborateur - or chief wheelbarrow pusher!).  We are not entirely sure what book-keeping records that we have to keep, my understanding of the situation is that we just need to keep copy invoices as 50% of our earnings are treated as expenses.  We have an accountant but the information is a little vague (the more cynical amongst you might think that this is a way to charge higher fees!). Don't we have to keep any bills for our expenses? Second query, I have been asked by a client if I would consider doing some gite changeovers for her, does anyone know if I am able to add this as 'another string to our bow' on the business front?  It would help in terms of increasing the hours worked for our health cover. Any help much appreciated.
  10. I have been asked if I would consider doing the gite changeovers for a 4/5 bed house and am wondering what people would consider to be a reasonable amount to charge for providing this service.  I am presuming that I will be expected to wash, iron & change bedlinen (on site) and provide all the necessary cleaning services.  I am already running (along with my husband) a micro-enterprise and am wondering if this can be added as another 'string to our bow'.  How would you charge for this? By the hour or on a fixed price.  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.  
  11. Deb

    CPAM - Health cover

    Thanks to those who sent a reply - much appreciated. Deb
  12. We have been speaking to CPAM English helpline and they have asked us to complete an S3710 form which has duly arrived.  This is a long detailed form (all in French) and I am struggling to translate it, I have a translator on my computer but it is very literal.  Does anyone know if there is an English version of this form anywhere? Any help appreciated. Deb
  13. Our E106 expires in January, we have been told that the CMU want a letter from the UK extending it or explaining why they won't extend it.  The UK are sending the letter of refusal, where does that leave us? We have our own gardening business but we are still quite new and are not yet doing very many hours work a week.  Does anyone know what our next step should be?  Complete private health cover is ridiculously expensive.
  14. Thank for the response.  Maybe we need another accountant, can anyone recommend one in the Tulle area?
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