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  1. Thinking of buying a new car with LED headlights. Have been told conflicting things by different dealers. Some say you need to divert LED and xenon headlights for driving on the continent others say you do not. HELP!

    Many thanks for help.

  2. Have just talked to friend who suggested could be a vertical/horizontal transponder problem. Having looked at a list it does appear I can receive all the horizontal channels and none of the vertical channels.

    Not being technical, does this mean it is a LNB problem? Does it need replacing? Or do I need to re-align it?

    Many thanks for replies

  3. Many thanks for prompt reply but unfortunately factory reset not worked.

  4. Having just come back to our house after a 3 month absence, we have found we have lost BBC1,BBC2HD, ITV and half our other channels. We have BBC2, BBC news, ITV+1 and several others.

    We have 2 Humax boxes running off a quad LNB. The problem is the same on both Humax boxes. Looking at the reception meter on our Humax boxes we have a 100% signal on the channels we can get and 0% on the lost channels.

    Please can anybody help

    Many thanks for any replies

  5. Does anybody know a Park and Ride in Bordeaux, preferably at the end of a tram line. We will be driving in from the Bergerac direction.

    Many thanks

  6. Sorry should have been more specific. We have had the house for about 10 years so are "au fait" with Sarlat It is more things further afield we are ignorant about. Our interest are broad and include cultural, sporting, markets, fairs, vide greniers etc

    Many thanks
  7. Having just retired we are going to spend more time at our house in Sarlat. In order to plan our visits can anybody suggest any interesting events, festivals, big markets etc around the Perigord region and rough dates of these. A few years ago I did hear of a outdoor Shakespeare season at a chateau on the banks of the Dordogne but cannot find any reference to this now.

    Many thanks
  8. Our big old SANEF doofer battery ran out last time we were in France. I now have a nifty small device (much neater) from the British branch of SANEF. I was quite impressed with the service. The device arrived the day after ordering and, as an existing customer, we did not have to pay the 10€ setup fee.

    We have sent back our old doofer to Senlis for a refund of our 19€ deposit.

    The tolls are going to be taken from our British bank account and if there are problems, at least I will be able to make myself understood.

    Have not used it yet but hopefully it will work ok.
  9. PS Sorry just realised am paying €39.90 not €39.50 per month.

    PPS You may ask why we do not get digital French TV to improve our French. Where we are we cannot get TV over an aerial and already have satellite dish for Freesat and do not want 2 dishes on the house.
  10. We have just got the Orange Unlimited ADSL Internet/telephone/TV package for €39.50/month and so far am very impressed but we do have a 8MB connection here in Sarlat.

    The package includes our phone line rental and gives us free calls to many countries to landlines over the Internet from our normal house phones. I believe calls to mobiles are also free (although only in France).

    The quality of the TV picture is excellent and will, I hope itwill be useful to improve our French. We even get HD TV over the ADSL line. Unfortunately the programmes are rubbish.

    Since our TV is in a different room they gave us 2 free plugs to connect the TV box via the electrical circuit of the house.

    They have even given us a SIM card for a mobile device eg IPad, but you only get 200mb data/month I believe. We have not tried this out yet.

    PS they give you 2 months free trial of several things eg sports channel, anti-virus etc but if you don't cancel these it will work out a lot more than €35.50. These are fortunately easy to cancel on the Orange website
  11. Dear all

    Have just received a letter from a geometre to say that he has been asked by our neighbour to determime the boundary of his property one border of which we share.  I think he is going to try to build on the plot or sell it as a building plot.

    They have given me a date of a meeting (which I cannot attend) and a form to give proxy for somebody else to represent me if I want.. Does anybody know what this is all about. Is it a geometre representing the neighbour or the Mairie. What are they going to decide on that day and should I have my own  geometre at the meeting.

    I am not a keen gardener but would not want to see half our garden disappear by some slight of hand by a local fast-talking geometre.

    Any thoughts from anybody

    Many thanks

  12. With recent guarentees from the Irish government, Irish euro accounts, with good rates if interest, appear very attractive. Could somebody please tell me if you can use one of these accounts to pay things like direct debits in France eg local taxes. Also if you want to transfer euros to Credit Agricole is there a cross-border charge for this?


    Many thanks



  13. Many thanks for all the informed and helpful suggestions, am now sure I will be able to sort out the problem.


  14. We are in Sarlat and get very poor reception on Sky satellite. Some channels are OK i.e. BBC1 and film 4 but others are usually very poor or absent i.e.BBC2 and E4. I have a normal sky dish and one from our local bricolage. Also tried 2 different receivers with no improvement. The picture disappears completely on all channels if it rains.

    I assume I need a better LNB this far south +/- a larger dish. Any suggestions? (other than move further north)

    Could anybody please advise where in the UK or France to buy these and suggest makes and models.

    Also will we get a better picture from FreeSat as opposed to FreeSkySat.

    Many thanks for any help


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