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  1. Thanks for these suggestions. I had forgotten satellite will get radio as well as tv, never used it for that in the uk! Someone also suggested wi-fi radio as an alternative to the computer which souns like a useful idea for radio fans...


  2. Moving to Languedoc shortly, I've found all the tv faqs very helpful but what about listening to BBC radio  -  Will my UK DAB Radio work or will I have to use analogue fm? Is France going digital?  Also I'm told "Listen Again" and i-player on a computer can't be used without special set-up -any advice gratefully received...

  3. Paul


    Yes I think Turkey gets very cold in winter too. The Jacaranda has stunning blue flowers in summer and I found the info about not surviving frost on the net, but perhaps if the trees survive in Turkey they have adapted... I'll have a go and see what happens!Smile [:)]





  4. Paul


    I have some Jacaranda seeds (collected in Turkey); will they grow in Gard (Uzes)? Does this area have frosts in winter?


  5. Thanks for these suggestions



  6. When living in the UK we bought a new (rhd) Renault Megane Cabriolet at a very substantial discount from a reputable internet site and would now like to buy a lhd version of the same car in France (Languedoc). So far, internet searches and local French showrooms suggest we will have to pay far more in France (just a few percent under the Renault official price) for our French car then we did in the UK, which is not very appealing! Are there any equivalent in France of the big UK discount companies? Or any other suggestions gratefully received...Smile [:)]
  7. Could someone please tell me if theLanguedoc/Provence has the same butterflies as found in Southern England's gardens and perhaps other varieties too? When living in the UK we planted our garden as far as possible to encourage butterflies with buddleia, sedum etc. Our garden at our new home at Uzes has very few flowering plants and we were wondered whether the same plants are likely to do well here and have the same attraction and what other plants would go down well with the local papillons? Smile [:)]
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