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  1. Power limit for France non licence is 8ft pounds, UK is 12ft pounds, Airarms like the S200 are adjustable easily, up for use down for being checked, easy to monitor, sighters over same distance, and adjust to suit.  The bottles for filling are not any old bottle, they come in various capacities and costs, they have to be certified safe every five years, not unusual for the bottle to come back from a check which you pay for to find a grinder has rendered it useless due to inner faults which develope with use.  Look on sites for UTTINGS or YORK GUNS or PICKERING GUNS all three reliable dealers who can supply everything you might need.
  2. My hawk originates from the USA specifically the rockies.  I am retired and have had "her" 8 years straight from Natonal Bird of Prey Centre in England as a fledgeling.  She will live some ten to fifteen years longer than she would in the wild, we have hours of fun and exercise through all weathers.  I see no difference between her and dogs cats horses ferrets etc, we are talking about interaction between humans and birds or animals.  The only thing I would point out, I am against breeding these birds as an individual, best left to the experts.  We are best friends and she Zuni is strictly a one person bird.  We all have things we dont comprehend fully, the obsession with wine would be mine!!!
  3. We are moving to Nanteuil en Vallee near Ruffec.
  4. Would appreciate location of the falconry centre as I am moving to France October and need a source of falconry food for my Harris Hawk.  Moving to Nanteuil en Vallee near Ruffec.  Cheers David
  5. Moving to France in October, in England I fly a Harris Hawk and intend to bring her with me.  Need a source for food, day old chicks from hatchery are staple diet does anyone know where they are available.  Suppliers in England think somewhere near Bordeaux name of Saint Laurent was mentioned.  Grateful anyone out there with any info.  David
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