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  1. Hi! Basically you have to ask you " médecin traitant " or the doctor concerned ( it can be a hospital ) for a " bon de transport. NB. He can refuse it. Make a note previously, because very often, they will forget it. Important it must be asked before. http://www.ameli.fr/fileadmin/user_upload/formulaires/S3139.pdf With your "bon de transport" then you just contact the specialised firms and make an appointment for them to fetch you in good time ( they know how ling it takes ) - they will of course ask what type of vehicle is needed. For mostly cases a VL ( voiture légère ) just a simple car, not an ambulance is sufficent. Take a portable with you, because of keeping contact for the return trip if it is the same day. For an urgency, no ' bon de transport " is required. For each transport there is a franchise of Euro 4, you have to pay. If you have a top-up, you need to make no payment the transport firm will handle all the red tape. Yours, giantpanda
  2. Hi! Here is the official position: Les fabricants doivent définir dans les prochains jours les procédures de mise en conformité, d’échange ou de remboursement en liaison avec les pouvoirs publics. http://www.service-public.fr/actualites/00934.html Since then 15.7.2008 no reaction. Yours, giantpanda
  3. [quote user="Cat"]Now that the inheritance laws have changed to allow those in  a French PACS (Pacte Civil de Solidarité) agreements in France to benefit from usufruct (the lifelong right to occupy, or benefit from rental income of, a property for a surviving spouse) without having to pay inheritance tax, the PACS agreement might be of interest to unmarried couples living together under the same roof.  ;    [/quote] Hi! That is possible, but only under certain conditions - a testament: Here is the standard case: L'attribution préférentielle du logementDepuis le 1er janvier 2007, le partenaire pacsé peut rester gratuitement dans le logement qui servait de résidence principale au couple pendant l'année qui suit le décès de son compagnon ou de compagne, même si le logement appartient au seul défunt. Après cette période, le partenaire peut être expulsé. Pour lui permettre de demeurer dans les lieux et d'acquérir la totalité du logement (soulte payée aux indivisaires), il est indispensable de rédiger un testament prévoyant l'attribution préférentielle en sa faveur. Les héritiers ne pourront pas s'y opposer. Yours, giantpanda http://www.lemoneymag.fr/v4/fiche/s_Fiche_v4/0,5382,14997,00.html
  4. Hi! Most Post Offices have a machine, where you can weigh your letter and buy the stamp, which will printed for your letter. You can get also get further stamps. Yours, giantpanda
  5. Hi! See here the details ( under mandat ). They write is is very slow... http://guides.ovh.com/ToutPaiement Yours, giantpanda
  6. Hi: Once the new " Contrôle technique " is made, they will put a new stamp on your carte grise. That has nothing to do with the registration, which for a car is valid as long as you own the car. If you change address, then the following applies:  http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F1474.xhtml You have one month to have the new address registered on it. It is free. Yours, giantpanda
  7. [quote user="silverfox"]Are there any specific fosse septique regulations regarding running a commercial dog kennel and/or cattery e.g. is there a requirement  for a separate fosse septique to the domestic set up?[/quote] Hi! The matter is rather complex and will depend on the local directives and soil analysis. You can look here from page 23 ( although kennels are not specifically mentioned. http://bourgogne.sante.gouv.fr/themes/institutions/ddass89/doc/sante-environnement/asn_reglementation/22597.pdf You would have first have to consult the local: POS ( Plan d'Occupation des Sols ) or PLU ( Plan Local d'Urbanisme ) because there are also distance questions to the next houses - You would have to clear the feasability of the project, before buying. Yours, giantpanda
  8. [quote user="alnmike"]Dear all I have been paying monthly, will this continue or do I need to apply online again? If so, where can I find the 13 digit ref number that the website wants? [/quote] Hi! They will continue to collect ( till you cancel )  - you can check on your next bank balance. Normally their should be something to that effect on your Avis. Isn't the transfer form at the bottom crossed out? Yours, giantpanda
  9. [quote user="Poppy"] About 4 years ago when we changed our marriage regime the Notaire visited the house to value it, we are tax resident. His invoice shows tax calculated on value of assests declared ie the house. He didn't ask us if we had anything else to declare [:D] However looking at the invoice I think it does refer to all worldly goods.[/quote] Hi! Your family situation was simple. It get more complicated when you have children ( out of present or former )  because they have to be advised ( because they can oppose this ). And then the matter will have to go to court. And now if the children are under age, it gets yet more complicated, because it goes to court with 2 lawyers. Yours, giantpanda
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