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  1. We attended the France Show recently and attended seminars by Siddalls and Kentingtons. I have read the comments about Siddalls on this forum, but has anyone had experience of Kentingtons for financial advice? Thanks, RB
  2. Dear Deb, I still live in the UK and had been enquiring about setting up a business when we move to the Lot et Garonne area in 2012, so can't recommend anyone, but can make some suggestions. Perhaps ask for a recommendation in the education section of the forum or go you your local mairie, as they seem to have a weath of info or google 'professeur du piano' in your region's yellow pages. Another idea is to go to your local school and ask the school secretary if they have anyone they can recommend or know of student's who receive tuition.  If there is a local choir you can make enquires there or a local church, especially the evangelique, who tend to be more interactive with the community. Also, many areas appear to have quite active musical groups.There must be someone out there for you. Are you a beginner or advanced student wishing to move on with studies? What ever your level of experience, do take the time to quiz the teacher about their qualifications, experience, knowlege of solf├Ęge (music theory), what level and ages of students they teach. Don't be afraid to be proactive and ask them questions. You are effectively conducting a job interview. Wishing you all the best, RB
  3. Greetings Lollie, How did you get on with the course? Was it very helpful and will you be using the AE in the future?
  4. Probably, like you years ago, as a US citizen married to a Brit since 1980, I was told by the embassy that although our children could be dual nationals that if I became naturalised here I would lose my US citizenship. This changed many years ago and I became a UK citizen in 2004, which was not as expensive then as you are quoting, but has saved endless hassles in European travel. Go for it! It will ensure your continued rights to live and work anywhere in the EU. Bon chance! 
  5. Lollie, Lovely to hear from someone who is currently teaching. Would love to hear about how you built up your practice and how long you have been doing this in France? Are most of your students French or English? Also, from your experience, what would you suggest as an appropriate hourly rate for teaching in my own home in the Lot et Garonne? As I said in my first posting, I have a lot of experience and teach all levels. I am a univ. graduate (maths not music), but have a Licentiate with the Royal Schools of Music in both performance and teaching, as well as Associate Diplomas in performance and teaching with ABRSM and the London College of Music. On a further note, I belong to several piano circles here in Surrey where adult students and teachers get together, some monthly, others bi-monthly to perform for one another. Do you belong to a group like that or have you heard of people doing that? It's a great way of keep students focused and keep oneself motiviated and on your toes...or should I say fingers. Also great for people who play and aren't having lessons, but like the stimulus of meeting other like minded pianists. Very keen to hear about your discussion with the AE man too. Thank you very much!
  6. Thank you very much indeed NormanH. You have confirmed what I had orginally thought, that the better route to employment these days would be via AE and so much other info as well about the schools and Fetes. I am coming out next summer and will make contact with the people you have mentioned and perhaps meet them then. You're a star! R
  7. When you say you were paid for home teaching, is this refering to the student's home or your own, i.e. does the CESU system only work if you work in your 'employers' home? Also, hadn't thought yet about the social security system, but how many hours are required with the CESU to enter the system?Thank you very much for your info and for Patf s'too. I have looked at an online teachers' site and they were being paid CESU, hence the original question, since I had previously thought that the AE sys. would work best. Thanks again, R
  8. I am a fully qualified piano teacher with over 25 years experience of teaching beginners to diploma level and I am hoping to move to the area around Lacapelle-Biron in the near future. I would like to continue my teaching at perhaps 10 hours/week and would like to know which is the best way to go about it. Which is most advantageous for a such a small turnover, the AE or CESU? Also, would I be able to do this in my own home or must I travel to students homes? Finally, is there much of a market for my services? I can speak French well enough to teach. Thanks, R
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